How to Grow your Webinar Attendees

Reach more people with your online broadcast

Webinars are a great and efficient way to market your business. A huge number of participants can be reached simultaneously. While traditional presentation formats limit you to a certain location, webinars enable you to reach potential leads all over the world. Existing customers as well as new participants should be invited to your webinar through all possible channels.

Choose a trendy topic

The title as well as the description of your webinar are very important for the number of attendees. The description should clearly highlight the topic and the benefits of participating in the webinar. The title, on the other hand, should be very trendy to attract a higher number of interested people. Most people will look on the title of your webinar and only read the description in case that the title serves their interest. Make sure that your webinar title is unique and trendy enough to be seen in social media. Creative titles help you to get interest but sometimes attract the wrong audience.

Be careful with the date

Which date and time should you choose for your webinar? First, it is important that you see the webinar from your target audience’s eyes. Select a date and time where most of them finished work but still have the power to follow your presentation. The specific time depends on your target audience and their demographic profiles. On top of that, it is important to send out the invitation to your webinar early enough, but not too early. Your potential participants should have enough time to block the time for your webinar. But if you choose a date which is too far away, many will forget to attend in the meantime and lose their excitement.

Leverage on your existing contacts

Naturally, all existing clients and the participants of your last webinars must be invited to the webinar. Moreover, the invitation should be shared on your own social media profiles, websites and with your newsletter recipients. But there is much more power in your existing contacts than simply inviting them. Don’t assume that the recipients will share the invitation automatically! Ask them to help you sharing the invitation and motivate them with small gifts to spread the invitation. With the help of your existing contacts, it is much easier to increase the number of webinar participants as well as the quality of the attendees. 

Invite your audience to your next webinar

The best way to increase the number of webinar participants is to hold great webinars. At the end of the webinar, you should already know when the next webinar takes place. Make sure to mention at the end when your next online broadcast takes place and what you are going to talk about. In best case, your attendees should register during the current webinar for the next one. We hope that these tips help you to reach a greater audience and wish you all the best for your next webinar!

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Author: beamium