How to Grow your Business with Social Media

Tips for social media success

Nowadays, everyone is crazy about social media. People worldwide are using online platforms to share their interests, personal experiences or sometimes just some pictures of their friends and family. According to several statistics, about 80% of the U.S. population is using social media actively, managing a personal profile. Therefore, it is no surprise that also businesses all around the world are working on a valuable online presence in order to attract new potential clients and secure customer relations. Business profiles can be found on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn – but how do you use these online portals to grow your company successfully?

Set specific goals!

First of all, you need to become aware of what you want to achieve through the use of social media. Set goals and be precise! If you start posting any content randomly you won’t be able to increase your numbers, but in order to choose when to post what and via which channel you need to think carefully about your goals first.

Analyze your target group!

In the next step, you have to find your target group and get to know about their needs and wants. Who is the main character you’re targeting with your product or service? Ask yourself the following questions in order to create a user’s profile:

How old is the person you’re targeting?

This question is relevant for different aspects: Knowing the age of your target group lets you know whether to approach your audience in a formal or informal way and furthermore the age provides you with topics he/she may be dealing with in his/her everyday life – teenagers usually tend to follow different activities throughout the day than adults.

Is he/she male or female?

This point is all about differences regarding interests and feelings among women and men that have to be considered while developing sharable content.

What is he/she interested in?

Covering your followers’ interests in your post will increase your media attention. On top, it supports engagement.

What is his/her current family situation and lifestyle?

By asking yourself this question it becomes clear at what time of the day to post, and also how to customize your content further. Obviously, there are many more questions that should be answered to come up with a profile of your ideal follower. The more details you know about him/her, the best you can create and deliver valuable posts.

Post valuable content!

Knowing your target group, finally content can be produced. Carefully: The content that is posted via social media should be catchy, interesting and of course entertaining or informative. Don’t pick just any content because you feel like there’s pressure to share news with your followers. Of course you have to keep your users up to date, but always remember that your online presents influences your image to the outside world, so choose your content attentively. A nice way to engage is to post questions, quizzes or games. This way, users will feel as if they were part of your business and they realize how much their opinions count.

Maintain customer relationships!

Having delivered attractive content, it is important to maintain customer relationships. This means, that you should answer to posts and comments of your audience, no matter whether their providing you with negative feedback or praise your brand.

Keeping all this in mind, you’ll see that using social media correctly is time consuming, but a nice and modern way to stay in touch with your followers worldwide.

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Author: beamium