How to Generate Leads with Online Presentations

Share your slides online and generate valuable leads with Beamium

Most presenters have the ambition to generate valuable leads with their presentations. No matter if you present in front of an audience or if your present at an online conference, you as a presenter want to turn the listeners into customers! In this blogpost, we explain how Beamium can be used for generating valuable leads at your presentation

Most participants don’t come to you

Although most of the people who listen to your presentation have some interest in your business, it is unlikely that the majority comes to you afterwards. In best case, two or three people will share their business cards with you or send you an email. Hence, it is your job to get more leads from the presentation and to capture contact details.

Turn interested listeners into leads

Beamium makes it very simple to multiply the number of leads at your next presentation. As an online presentation platform, Beamium enables you to present directly on the devices of your audience, to engage your listeners with interactive features and to track the success of your presentation. As a web-based solution, Beamium works without any installations on every device and on every operating system. The great feature set of Beamium makes it easy to get in touch with your listeners. Simply share your presentation link with the audience – no matter if you are in the same room or if you present over distance – so that all participants get access to your slides. At the same time, it is possible to leave comments, to ask questions and to give you feedback already during the presentation. In case that one of your audience members wants to download the presentation, he must share his email address with you.

Lead generation continues after the presentation

The end of your speech does not mean that the possibility to generate leads ends as well. With Beamium, the end of your presentation is just the start of the lead generation process! Even after your presentation, the audience can go through your presentation, get in touch with you and share contact details with you. The digital handout of your presentation can be accessed afterwards and helps you to keep in touch with the audience. Extend the relationship between you and your presentation audience after the end of your speech and stay in contact for a much longer time with Beamium!

If you are smart, you can also share the link to your presentation through the event organizer’s website, via email, via social media and all other channels to get even more leads. Moreover, you will also benefit from the shared presentations of your audience. Imagine that somebody in your audience loves your presentation and forwards the slides via Beamium to his colleagues, friends and followers. Every time when somebody gets access to the presentation, you will be able to generate new leads with Beamium.

Establish a relation with your audience

In a nutshell, Beamium makes it possible to get in closer contact with your listeners and helps you to establish a long-lasting relationship with the audience. Your listeners will love the interactive features of Beamium and the great possibilities to give you feedback or ask questions. Try it yourself and make your presentation infinite!

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Author: beamium