How to Generate Inbound Leads with White Paper Marketing

Why you should integrate white papers to get more contacts

Does your website contain a white paper? And do you regularly share this white paper with your clients? Find out why you should do so and which other advantages white paper marketing includes.

The advantages of white paper marketing

A white paper is a short presentation or document which highlights the key benefits of your business. In contrast to your website, white papers guide the reader through a progress. Hence, you can determine how your visitor experiences the information (in contrast to your website where you can’t influence the behavior of the prospective client). After showing the prospective customer some interesting slides, he has to share his contact details with you before seeing the full information. The white paper approach helps you to create interested leads by sharing first information. But it also guarantees that you get the contact details of your website visitors before they see all slides. Moreover, you will benefit from a much larger amount of contact details which increases the number of leads on your website.

High-quality leads

Compared to other marketing channels, the white paper approach ensures that you only get high-quality leads. First, all leads have to go through the first slides of your white paper which means that they already know some information of your business and still are interested. Second, the fact that the prospective client is willing to enter his contact details guarantees that he is really interested in hearing more about your business. Third, by getting more contact details from high-quality leads you can focus your sales activities on the most valuable leads instead of writing thousand uninterested sign-ups.

Implementing white papers with Beamium

There are basically two ways how you can implement white papers on your website: the expensive one and the effective one. The expensive one means that you pay a web development agency to implement a white paper as well as a lead form on your website. Beside the high set-up costs and the time it takes to implement the white paper, you will also have high costs every time you change the content of the white paper. The effective way to integrate white paper marketing is called Beamium. Simply upload the document or presentation which you would like to use for the white paper marketing on and embed the presentation on your website without the need of any development skills. Integrating white papers witch Beamium is not only very cheap, it is also very fast.

What is more, Beamium offers an optional feature set to decide, how many slides your viewers should be able to see before the mandatory lead form where they have to share their contacts. On top of that, Beamium fosters interactions and makes it possible for your viewers to write you feedback or ask questions directly from the whitepaper. Therefore, the lead-quality from Beamium white papers will exceed the traditional white paper results by far. Your viewers cannot only see the white paper and share contacts, they can even ask for follow-up calls and much deeper information.

Sharing and analyzing your white paper

Of course, the white paper should be shown apparent on multiple places of your website. You can either choose to use the same white paper for multiple placements, or create several white papers for the main page, subpages and your blog. Naturally, white papers with Beamium can also be shared through your social media channels and via email. Lastly, the great analytics of Beamium help you to analyze the effectiveness of your white paper by summarizing the traction of the individual slides from every white paper.

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