How to Conduct a Successful Employee Training

Chose the right tool for training your team members

In a world moving faster every day, employees need to be more flexible than ever. They have to adapt new skills and gain knowledge as quickly as possible to be more successful in their job. Training team members has become essential for every modern company, but as researches of McKinsey & Co. found, only 25% of survey respondents believed that training actually improved employee performance. According to the State of the Industry Report, organizations were spending around $1,208 per employee on training in 2013 – way too much if only a fourth of that is transformed into actual improvement!

So what can managers do to improve the outcome of their trainings? Are there team training tools that can make trainings more efficient? Here are a few tips to make your training a success!

1. Make trainings interesting

We all know it back from our time at the university. A boring professor or subject makes studying so much harder than something that fascinates us personally. If the topic catches our attention however, and we understand how the training can improve our own life, we will learn much faster and easier. Pick a topic and an introduction that makes your staff curious and excited for the training session, and their attitude will change immediately!

2. Keep it practical

The more you engage everyone in the activities, the faster they will learn and the more connected they will feel. If you keep your training interactive, there will be room for employees to try out new practices, make mistakes and ask questions before they have to implement it with clients.

3. Chose the right technology

Engaging your employees in the trainings by picking the right content and methods is great, but there is even more you can do! By using a tool to share your training presentation live with employees, they will learn faster and better. If they hear, read and reflect on your training content, they can use different senses to process your input – you will see the results! Use Beamium to share your slides live during employee trainings, and give everyone easy access to the slides afterwards. The only thing you have to communicate to share your training presentation is the 8-digit Beamium ID, and every participant can access the slides at your pace during the training, or review them afterwards with the automatically generated digital handout.

4. Quality over quantity

Try to keep your content precise and to the point, and everyone on the team will have a better chance to absorb it immediately. The better the structure of your training, the faster it can be understood by others. And if you create an employee training based on different building blocks, everyone will appreciate it!

5. Personalized approach

Making every single one of your employees feel important and showing them why their input matters. Get to know your employees, their skills and personalities, and you will be able to conduct trainings that are aimed exactly at fixing weak spots, instead of losing everyone’s time with general stuff.

6. Frequent checkups

The training went well? Great, now it’s time to see it in action! Make sure to check up at least twice with the training participants, and see them in action after your training session. If you decide to use Beamium, you can easily see how often your training material was viewed online and downloaded afterwards – and you will know how useful the material was perceived.

With these few tips, your next training will definitely be a huge success for you and your employees!

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Author: beamium