How to Convince Sales Qualified Leads

The art of turning leads into customers

A new lead represents a chance. But often, this chance falls away. It is normal that some of the qualified leads chose one of your competitors or stay with their existing solution. By following these tips, you will be able close more deals and simultaneously reduce your time per lead.

Make sure to focus on high-quality leads

There are many leads which you could call today. But which one should you choose? Mostly, there is not much strategy in going through the leads. Many sales representatives make the mistake to call every single one. Especially in telesales, it is usual that the employee has to make a certain number of phone calls every day. “What, you managed to make 80 calls per day? Awesome, you colleague only handled 20.” But talking about the pure number of leads is absolutely nonsense. A lot of time can be wasted by calling low-quality leads instead of focusing on the most relevant ones (which take more time). Hence, you should try to categorize your leads based on their quality before starting to call. What is more, the leads with the lowest quality should be sorted out. Even if you make mistakes from time to time, it is much better to focus on the most promising ones than going through every possible lead. The definition of high-quality depends on your company and your product. After going through a couple of lead cycles, you will probably know what the most promising customers have in common.

The initial call and the follow-ups

Of course, it is necessary to do the first step and call the customer. Your pitch should be tight and you should have informed yourself about the prospective client. But the first call is only the first step. Many people can start a marathon, this is very simple. You just need to make one step. Much fewer people can go through the full distance. And this is similar in sales. The first sales calls have one big goal: getting to know the customer. Find out what your customer is doing, if he is the decision maker, if the topic is on the top of his priority list, etc. And as soon as you found out these necessary information – follow up! A good sales guy is good in following up. This does not mean that you should send your automated emails with all the standard information. Sending the information which your client finds on the website of your company as well does not make much sense. The follow-up calls and emails have to be on the point. You need to show that you understood the situation of your customer. Demonstrate that you listened to the points he mentioned the last time. If you have successfully convinced your contact person, it is necessary to convince the rest of the decision-making team as well. Help your contact person to push the topic in the company. The bigger the corporation, the more support he will need.

Close it or neglect it

After turning the sales qualified lead into an opportunity, there are only two possibilities left. Either the deal can be closed soon, or the deal should be postponed. Sometimes, it is just not possible to close the deal in the next months. This could have many external reasons and you should not blame yourself or the prospective client for that. Simply agree on a follow-up appointment in a couple of months and focus on the more promising leads in the meantime. Don’t push you customer too much but be careful about postponing decisions. Naturally, you will not be able to close all opportunities. Therefore, it is time to focus again on the highest valuable ones with the greatest likelihood of success. Rather than trying to close twenty deals at the same time, you should put all your power on the best three deals. If one of them does not work out – no problem. There are plenty more qualified leads waiting for you!

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Author: beamium