How to Capture Sales Ready Leads

Capture leads online and determine if they are sales-ready

Every marketer searches for ways to capture leads online more effectively. Inbound marketing is a trendy way to maximize website views from interested prospects. While there are multiple ways to gather leads from landing pages or through mailing campaigns, most lead generation tools fail when it comes to the question if the leads are sales-ready or not. By sharing documents with prospective customers through landing pages, mailings or social media channels, leads can be gathered and qualified precisely.

  1. The quality of leads is equally important to the number of leads.
  2. Only sales-ready leads should be forwarded to your sales team.
  3. Marketing leads need further nurturing.
  4. Sales leads can be captured online with smart lead tools.
  5. Lead validation is very important for separating leads.

The problem of low-quality leads

There is a long list of leads which you got from your website. But looking through it, you already know that most of them aren’t sales ready. Your sales team points out that many of them do not meet expectations and sales targets are not met because of the low lead quality. But what is the real problem behind this dilemma? There are thousand website visitors every day, a good engagement rate and the number of leads grows constantly. Are the sales targets too high? Probably they are. But the real problem is that most of the online leads which marketers gather do not meet expectations. They are not yet sales ready. It is totally okay to get leads which are not yet sales ready. But they should not be handed over to the sales representatives. Rather, these leads represent prospective customers at the earlier stages of the buyer’s journey funnel which need to be further educated through your blog, mailing and retargeting channels. It does not make any sense to share them at this point with your sales fellows.

Gathering verified leads by sharing documents with prospects

You probably have one, two or some hundred marketing presentations or documents in your company. White papers, e-books, sales pitches and many further documents are available. These documents are very effective. In contrasts to your website, where prospective clients click around everywhere without following a process, these marketing materials enable you to guide your customers through your sales story. It’s by far the most effective way to market your business. Hence, your documents should be shared more often with prospective clients. For marketing purposes, but more importantly for capturing sales-ready leads. By sharing these documents with Beamium, you can easily turn the presentation viewers into leads. Simply upload your marketing document on Beamium, share the access links via social media, mailings, or embed it in your website, and customize your lead form.

After seeing the first pages of the document, the prospective clients must enter their contacts to unlock the full presentation. You choose how many slides they should see before being asked to enter their contacts. This process guarantees that your prospective clients are interested enough to go through a presentation and share their contacts to see or download the rest of the presentation. After entering contacts, the access link to the full document will automatically be sent to their email address. Why? Because you don’t want to have a long list with erring contacts. Beamium ensures authenticity and filters out all these funny guys who just waste your time.

Automatic qualification of sales-readiness

Beside the fact that only verified leads are collected, the smart analytics of Beamium help you to further determine the prospect’s level of interest. Customizable data analyzes the presentation viewer’s behavior and classifies the lead according to its sales-readiness. Open rates, favorite slides, the time spent on specific slides and the point of leaving the document can be precisely analyzed. In addition, the overall presentation analytics show you how effective your marketing materials really are. If 90% of the viewers leave the document after the second slide, you probably should improve that one. Furthermore, the lead effectiveness of several documents can be compared in your Beamium account to find out which sales story works best to convince prospective customers. Needless to say, that leads and data should be connected with your CRM or marketing automation systems.

How to deal with marketing ready leads

If your prospect is very interested, the lead should be directly handed over to your sales team – together with all available data and background information. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for your sales team to continue and the more effective will the sales process be. But what to do with all the other leads? Unfortunately, less than one third inbound leads are sales ready. That does not mean that all the other leads which are not yet sales ready have to be deleted. These prospects should be further educated by marketing mechanisms. Include them in your mailing campaigns and invite them to your social media pages. These leads are important too, but they are not yet ready for sales mechanisms.

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Author: beamium