How to Make PowerPoint Presentations Awesome

A new way of presenting PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint is by far the most widely used presentation tool for creating slides. Many new alternatives, e.g. Prezi or Keynote, tried to challenge the superiority of PowerPoint. Even though all of them have their advantages, the large majority of presenters still count on PowerPoint. It is easy to use, offers all necessary features and can be extended with the help of other tools or integrations. While the creation process of PowerPoint is widely appreciated, the presentation with PowerPoint can sometimes be longsome. It is a great tool, but everybody has already seen PowerPoint presentations and even the nice animations do not surprise anybody anymore. Hence, it is time to present your PowerPoint presentations in a new way.

Broadcast slides to the devices of your audience

Beamium makes it possible to innovatively present your slides on the devices of your audience. No matter if you are presenting in person or over distance, Beamium helps you to impress your audience by sharing slides in real-time with the viewers. Instead of only presenting your slides to the audience, you now make them touchable for the listeners. A new way of experiencing presentations, with many more extras. How? Simply upload your final PowerPoint slides on and share the access code with your viewers.

Encourage your listeners to participate

Your listeners can effectively participate at your Beamium presentation. Questions, feedback and likes can so be shared with the presenter at any time. The written interactions show up in a kindly way so that you as a presenter do not get annoyed. It’s up to you if you want to answer them immediately or after the presentation. The interactions do not necessarily end at the end of your talk. Your viewers can further share comments with you after the presentation so that the relationship between you and your audience stays alive for a much longer period.

Benefit from more contacts

Traditionally, it was very difficult to get to know the audience. With Beamium, you can now generate leads with your presentation. Every time somebody interacts with you or if somebody wants to download the slides, he must share his contact details with you. This makes it super simple to become more successful with your business. But this is only one of the many features which helps you to close more deals with your presentation.

Great analytics

Finally, Beamium adds analytics to your PowerPoint presentation. All viewer interactions will be analyzed and summarized in your personal presentation report. Find out which slide your audience liked most, where you got the best feedback and whom you should answer some questions. The real-time analytics help you to get details about your presentation performance and about the interactions after your presentation. Overall, PowerPoint stays the most known presentation tool. Everybody should know how to handle PowerPoint. With Beamium, a new era of presenting PowerPoint slides just started. Try it out yourself and broadcast your slides within a couple of seconds on Beamium!

Image Source: ©unsplash/@todddesantis

Author: beamium