Hit your Sales Targets with Smart Analytics

Not hitting your sales numbers? Beamium helps you!

The business world got more and more crowded. Many competitors offer similar services as your company. Your sales targets are ways to high and you have no chance to hit them this year. Wrong! You have many chances to hit them, and the best one is called Beamium. Beamium is a web-based sales presentation platform which turns your presentations into lead-machines. By generating high-qualified leads and closing them with the help of Beamium, you will exceed your sales goals.

The importance of sales presentations

Pitching your business is the one thing, but having a sophisticated sales presentation enables you to convince many more customers. Most people need to see visual information in addition to hearing about a product to really understand the advantages. Hence, you should spend some time to draft an awesome set of sales presentation (e.g. with PowerPoint) – for every stage of the sales process. This helps you to convince the prospective customers at every deal phase by showing the many advantages of your product. After creating a convincing sales presentation, it is time to get the presentation to your prospective clients!

Share your presentation with Beamium to capture leads

There are many channels where you could share your sales presentations. You could either share them directly via email, or embed them in your website or your blog. Another great way of getting high-quality clients is to share your presentation on LinkedIn and through social media. By sharing through your own networks, you can leverage on your contacts and find out if somebody is interested in your product. Needless to say that sharing presentations purely as email attachment does not make much sense. By uploading your presentations on Beamium and sharing the access link, you gain more power to close deals. Beamium helps you to capture leads with your presentation and supports you with great analytics. Simply check new leads in your personal account and find out which slides your prospective customers viewed most often. The more information you gather already at this early stage of your sales pipeline, the easier will it be to close the deal later. What is more, presentations should be shared at any stage of your pipeline again with Beamium. Why? Because also in later stages, you want to get the maximum analysis from the behavior of your viewers. The more often you share presentations with Beamium, the more information will you get about the lead. On top of that, Beamium boosts interactions and follow-up arrangements so that your customers more likely get in touch with you again.

Present documents online during sales calls

You maybe know the difficult situation of not knowing if your listener really understood what you said. Sharing presentations in advance makes it much easier to support your sales pitch with visual information. Beamium makes it possible to present slides in real-time from browser to browser. Simply share the access link to the presentation in advance via email or ask your listeners to go to beamium.com and enter the ID of your presentation. Immediately, you will be able to show the document to your listener – without any installations. Questions such as “on which slide are we now” will be history since Beamium brings everybody on the same page of the document. On top of that, interactions are possible during as well as after the call. As soon as your call ends, your viewers will be able to move freely through the document themselves and download it afterwards. You will immediately see on which slide the viewers looked first, where they spent the most time and at which point the churned your presentation. An amazing analytical tool for enhancing the information you get. Finally, the great call-to-actions help you again to keep in touch with your clients afterwards and to arrange the next follow-up call. What are you waiting for? Hit your sales numbers with Beamium!

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@alexisrbrown

Author: beamium