Google AdWords vs. Content Marketing

The pros and cons of paid ads compared to organic search results

Online marketing is all about bringing people to your website. Unsurprisingly, Google can be of great help to get the attention of prospective clients. Nearly everybody uses Google which makes it a must-have marketing channel. There are two ways to use Google for marketing purposes. First, paid aids can be created for chosen keywords to get people to your website. Second, targeted content marketing strategies combined with SEO can help your company to rank well and to benefit from the organic search of Google users. In this blog post, we cover the pros and cons of both strategies and show you how to combine them optimally.

The pros and cons of Google AdWords

By using Google AdWords, targeted ads can be created for certain keywords. After defining a specific amount for the campaigns, you will be shown among the first results in the Google search. Were exactly your ad ranks mainly depends on the amount you are willing to spend per click. The biggest advantage of Google AdWords is the fact that you can create campaigns very fast and immediately get the attention of the users. Of course, you won’t be able to choose the optimal keyword together with the most effective ad immediately. Therefore, a lot of optimization must be done over time. The positive side of Google AdWords is definitely its speed and the chance to scale it at whatever level you can afford. On the other side, Google AdWords costs money. A lot of money. You pay per click – which means that you pay at every time when somebody searched for a keyword and clicked on your ad. If the user later becomes one of your customers, this won’t be an issue.

But only a small amount of the users which click on your ads really buy your product afterwards. In the worst case, the user only clicks on the ad and immediately turns down the website – without even looking on any information about your product. A lot of money can be spent on Google AdWords. Especially in the beginning, you should be aware that Google AdWords is a very expensive (but effective) way to get website visitors. Depending on the industry and keywords, the costs per click can be moderate or very high. After making some optimizations, Google AdWords can become an effective way of marketing your business. On top of that, the amount spent as well as the impact can always be measured on a detailed level.

The benefits of content marketing

Similar to paid ads, content marketing has the objective to bring your company’s website on the top of the search engine. If your prospective customers search for a solution to their problem, they will find your relevant article immediately on the top. But this only works, if you wrote a specific article for the keyword. While your company must pay for every visitor coming from paid ads, users coming to your website through content marketing do not cost anything. This includes a great upside potentials in the long-term. Once created and ranked, your content will bring you ongoingly new website visitors. Therefore, the upward potential of content marketing is extremely high and in the long-run, it will be much cheaper than Google AdWords. In contrast to ads, content marketing takes a lot of time and effort in the beginning. You won’t see any results for the first months. No visitors will come to you for many weeks. And if you have no experience in content marketing and SEO, it maybe stays like that for a much longer time. You maybe know the phrase “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. This is true for content marketing as well. Somebody must create the strategy, somebody must write the content, somebody must translate the content, somebody should optimize the content and somebody needs to look on SEO. For all these activities, expertise is necessary – and all the people involved cost money. Therefore, content marketing can be much cheaper in the long-run, but the upfront costs will be huge without much short-term success.

Combining ads and content marketing

If you are looking for short-term results which immediately have an impact on your KPIs, you rather choose Google AdWords. In case that you want to position your company strategically, content marketing probably is the better alternative. In the best case, you will be able to combine search engine marketing and content marketing. The content which you have created should also be included in your ads. On top of that, you can focus on some keywords exclusively with content marketing, while other keywords will be supported with ads. By using the pros of both channels, you can perfectly target your audience. Content marketing as well as Google AdWords have the same goal: bringing relevant prospects to your website. Hence, only with experience in both areas you will be able to reach the maximum outcome.

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Author: beamium