Getting the best Leads with White Paper Marketing

How to generate and capture high-quality leads from your content marketing campaign

One of the most popular terms in the online marketing jargon is that of content marketing. This new strategy delivers powerful content via social media, blogs and other visual channels towards the internet community and aims to enhance the traffic of a business’s webpage. Naturally, the final goal is not to increase the traffic itself, but to generate more conversions. That means, as in every business in the last 3000 years, the main goal is to sell. Most online marketing strategies (if not all) have the main purpose of generating leads for a company. Although email marketing or online advertising have been there for a while and are a common means of customer acquisition, content marketing has just started to emerge in recent years and has even gained more popularity compared to these other techniques.

Why is content marketing such a powerful strategy?

Content marketing drives prospects towards your business, who usually feel identified with the material you share. So, if your content is related to what you sell (and it normally should!), then you are attracting a specific group of people that might also be significantly interested in what you offer. Moreover, content marketing is usually free, which is a great advantage compared to traditional marketing. Nowadays acquiring more visibility on the web for your business is much more relevant than in the physical world, hence the relevance of this strategy. Content based marketing can range from social media posts and online videos, to extensive blog articles and white papers. How effective your strategy is, depends on a wide range of factors. However, there are content marketing channels and tools that can have much more efficient results if employed correctly. A great example is that of white papers.

White papers

White papers are extensive, detailed pieces of content that describe one or various solutions to a specific problem. The creator of the white paper identifies the issue that a certain group of people is facing and guides them step by step towards its solution. This guideline can be an online presentation, a video, an extensive blog article or even an infographic. It all depends on the creativity of the marketing team. Through this help offer, the marketer creates a tight bond with his public and thus gains their confidence not only towards his content, but also towards his business. In this sense, white papers usually describe problems that are solved by the business’s products or services. Thus, white papers sometimes can be seen as an indirect sales pitch that provides detailed information along the buyer’s journey. From awareness of the issue at hand, to consideration by providing possible solutions. However, can white papers actually generate leads?

White paper marketing = high quality leads

White papers are not only a great source for attracting prospects, they also ensure that most leads acquired are of high-quality. Why? Well, since white papers educate the prospect on the nature of the issue and its solutions, they create an informed reader, who can take an informed decision on how to solve his issue. Naturally, the primary solutions he will consider, will be those offered by the marketer on the white paper: the company’s products or services. So, if the marketer clearly identifies the use case for the business’s products or services and addresses it towards the adequate niche, he will have created a powerful lead generation magnet without a major time investment.

The questions remains on how to capture those high-quality leads from your whitepapers? Well there are many old-school techniques that allow you to capture some contact data through contact forms or newsletter subscriptions, but you they are not always that effective. Moreover, they do not give you specific information on how the reader behaved along the white paper and whether he even finished it at all. Thus, a more effective technique is to gate your content. What does this mean? Think of the fremium model of many newspapers: you get to read a certain amount of articles per month for free, but if you want to read more, you will have to pay. If you like the content, you will most probably do. Well, gated content functions in a similar manner. You can share a specific number of white papers per month for free, and then restrict the best ones of them all. Or even restrict your white paper content after a certain page or for download. I know it sounds easier sounds said than done, but there is a tool out there that can make it really simple for you.

Beamium: optimized lead generation on your white papers

Beamium is a powerful weapon to share your white papers online. This platform allows you to share your white paper as an online presentation in any of your preferred channels. So, if you have a presentation or article, just upload it as a PDF on Beamium’s homepage and create and account to be able to track the presentation’s performance at any time. Your uploaded white paper can be shared as a link on email newsletters, social media, forums or even embedded on your blog, homepage or landing page. Beamium then tracks the views on your white paper, the specific behavior on each slide, the viewer`s favorite slides and many other relevant statistics that are provided to you in a report. Moreover, the tool allows you to gate your content by selecting a certain slide after which viewers have to enter their verified email address, in order to continue viewing the white paper. You can also implement this option when viewers download your white paper or comment on it. In this manner, the tool automatically captures high-quality leads for you and provides you with various smart statistics so that you can better classify the diverse leads you have acquired. An all in one solution for marketing and sales teams to work together.

So, next time instead of publishing a long blog article, why don’t you share your white paper with Beamium? Or, you can still write that white paper on your blog and embed a Beamium presentation describing one or many of the solutions on it. Way better than those old-fashioned contact forms and misleading google analytics stats. Just be creative and do not let those high-quality leads slip away!

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