Get more Feedback from your Audience at your Presentation

Enable your listeners to give you digital feedback

Ideally, your next presentation should be better than your last one. But how can you make sure that you change the right things? To make your presentation better, it is crucial to get feedback from your audience. No matter how good you are as a presenter, there is always space for improvement.

Encourage interactions

Your presentation should not be a one-way road. Encourage your audience to participate, to ask questions and to mention different opinions. Turn your talk from time to time into a discussion to stimulate your viewers’ willingness to give you feedback. The more involved your audience is, the more likely is it that you will receive good feedback at the end of your talk. Only the most extroverted members from your audience will directly give you negative feedback. However, this negative feedback is more important than the positive one because it helps you to improve your slide deck as well as your presentation style at the next time. Even though every audience is slightly different, there will be some points which you should change until your next presentation.

Receive immediate feedback during your speech

Are my slides good? Does the audience like the points I mentioned? Find it out with Beamium! If you present your slides with Beamium, your audience has the ability to give you feedback directly during your presentation. All the likes which you receive on your slides help you to understand, which parts of your presentation should be adapted and which ones the audience already loves! Getting instant feedback at your speech further increases your self-esteem and guarantees that you evaluate the atmosphere of the presentation correctly. Let your listeners express their feelings and give them the power to help you with feedback!

Get even more feedback after your presentation

During your speech, it is your job to transmit the information to your audience. After your speech, your viewers can go again and again through the Beamium presentation of your slides and give you feedback at any time. This helps you to understand, which slides the audience likes most and makes it possible to compare the likes during the presentation with the feedback afterwards. But that’s not everything! Beamium enables your viewers to give you written feedback (or to ask questions) as well. Point out the importance of feedback for you at the end of your talk and encourage your listeners to write you some nice feedback afterwards. With the help of Beamium, the interaction as well as the feedback process does not end at the end of your talk. Beamium keeps your audience interested in your presentation and helps you to gain further insights even after your presentation took place. Don’t forget the importance of analyzing this feedback and use it to become the best speaker in the world!

Detailed analytics to analyze your slides

In addition to the feedback which you receive from your audience, it is recommendable to analyze your slides with data. Beamium makes it possible to analyze the presentation viewers' behavior in the slideshow to find out which slides are viewed most often. The slides with the briefest retention time probably have to be enhanced. And most important: find out where the majority of all viewers leaves the presentation to optimize its effectiveness. If you combine the feedback which you get from the audience with the data-driven analytics of your presentation, you will be able to deliver the best presentation experience for your target audience.

Catpure & qualify leads

In commercial situations, presentations are often used to capture leads. Many business slideshwos are shared with prospects through various ways. Beamium makes it possible to include a lead form in your presentations for sharing documents more effectively. By requesting the email adress of the viewers of the document before the download, you will so be able to gather more contacts. Of course, feedback is important as well in this situation. The created contacts can be used for getting in touch afterwards and asking about more detailed feedbacks on the presentation. In addition to the feedback mechanisms and analytics described in the first paragraphs, Beamium also enables you to qualify the caputred leads according to their level of interest. This makes especially sense if you try to share sales pitches more effectively.

No matter if you want to get instant feedback during the presentation or if you want to get detailed engagement insights afterwards - Beamium can be used in many circumstances and always focuses on the most important part of your presentation: Establishing a long-term relationship with the audience.

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