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For students, presentations are part of everyday life. Nearly every class requires a presentation to teachers and fellow students, and most presenters use PowerPoint to add a visual element to their presentations and to report structured.

Of course, not all presentations have the same quality – and that doesn’t just apply to the PowerPoint presentation itself, but also the memorability of the presentation. There are several factors that can make even the best presentations forgettable. For one thing, presentations are becoming so common and highly frequented especially for students. For another, information distributed during a presentation can be difficult to find later – even when a handout is distributed, those tend to get lost quickly.

This is where students have to be innovative. Beamium is an exciting opportunity to show your lecturers and fellow students that you are aware of these issues and have thought about how to solve them.

The web-based presentation solution gives users the chance to present more efficiently and hold attention more effectively. After creating your presentation as always, e.g. via Microsoft PowerPoin, you can upload the doucment as a PDF on The web-solution enables you to distribute the finished presentation, meaning you can allow access to other people; all they need is a simple 8-digit ID which you’re assigned when you upload your document. With this ID your audience can access your presentation on their smartphones, laptops, or tablets for free on The presentation will appear live and synchronously on the screens of your fellow students while it is given – which is especially advantageous when a class is held in a large lecture hall, or when a screen is so small that it is hard to read from the seats in the back. Students also have the chance to pull up slides again when they want to see a graph or missed an important hypothesis after the presentation. Using Beamium also eliminates the need for additional handouts, because the presentation remains on the device. You can even export slides and take notes on them. Beamium is also ideal for working on a presentation with others. It’s always difficult to find the time to meet and practice a presentation with several other people, which can make the final delivery more difficult. Whose part of the presentation starts when? How should transitions be handled? Through its synchronized viewing option, Beamium makes it easy to tackle these problems. Students can go through their presentations together, no matter where they are, and avoid potential problems from the very beginning.

Beamium isn’t just an attractive option for presenters – student audiences benefit from it as well. If a lecturer decides to use the innovative online presentation tool students have all the presentations delivered to their class on one device, and can access and annotate them any time without having to search for them. This makes working easier, both for students and lecturers. That is why it pays off to inform your lecturers about Beamium.

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