Get more Leads with your Sales Pitch

Capture more contact details with your marketing presentation

What is the main goal of your pitch? Right, to get valuable leads. Presentations can be great marketing tools if the content and the presentation experience harmonize. Impress your clients, capture contact details and turn them into valuable leads with Beamium!

Effective presentations

You don’t have much time to convince your listeners. Moreover, your listeners will be contacted by many other sales guys until the end of this week as well. Make your sales pitch effective by focusing on the most important facts. Tell a story and highlight how your company improves the client’s life and why your listeners need to buy your product. Entertain your audience and turn them into enthusiastic leads.

Maximum contact details, minimum loss

After your presentation, you can ask your listeners to get in touch with you. In best case, two or three audience members will actively come to you and share their contact details with you. Even at a sales call, it is less likely that the person on the other side of the call will come back to you. How can you maximize the number of leads and at the same time minimize the loss? Simply share your presentation slides in real-time with your audience through Beamium. No matter if you are in the same room or if you present over distance – Beamium helps you to engage your listeners. Moreover, Beamium makes it possible to get in closer contact with your audience and to exchange contact details. How? If somebody wants to give you feedback or if somebody wants to download your presentation slides from Beamium, they must share their emails with you. You will receive a list with all emails and interactions from your audience afterwards in your personal Beamium account. Find out who downloaded your presentation and maximize the number of leads. While you will not get more than a few leads with your current presentation approach, Beamium helps you to multiply your leads.

Track the success of your performance

Even if you did not make a perfect pitch this time, you need to know which parts you should improve. Moreover, it is important to receive valuable feedback and answer outstanding questions from your audience. How do you normally interact with your listeners after your pitch? “Not at all” is probably not the best answer. Beamium helps you to stay in contact and enables your viewers to go through your presentation and give you feedback after the pitch as well. Analyze the success of your pitch in your personal account and see how this presentation compares to the last one. We wish you all the best for your next pitch with Beamium and look forward to support you with our great marketing presentation platform!

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