Generate More leads with Webinars

Improve your online broadcast with Beamium

There are many webinar tools available. Most of them make it easy to transfer audio lines to the attendees and some of them even offer possibilities to share your screen or to pre-record the webinar. However, only a few webinar solutions make it possible to effectively present slides and to capture leads. At the end of the day, your webinar should be used to gather new leads for your business. Our great document broadcasting tool Beamium helps you to present documents online and enhances your webinars with its interactive presentation platform.

Invite as many attendees as you like

Beamium is a web-based presentation software which makes it easy to hold webinars online and to interact with your audience. With Beamium you can present directly on the devices of your listeners and enable them to give you instant feedback. No matter if your attendees want to ask questions, tell you how great your pitch is or simply ask for further information – Beamium makes it easy for your audience to write you feedback without any hassle. The tool can be used from every browser, on any device or operating system. No installations are required. Your audience can easily join via a link or via an 8-digit presentation ID. Beamium makes sure that every meeting participant always is on the same slide as you. If you want to highlight details with a laser pointer, simply click on the part of the slide and it will be highlighted on the desktop of your viewers as well.

Get instant feedback and capture leads

Beside the fact that Beamium enables you to get direct feedback from your audience, you will also see who interacted with you. Beamium makes it possible to generate contact details during your webinar and motivates your audience to get in touch with you. Even after the presentation, your viewers can continue to look through your slides and contact you at any time. Beamium will let you know if there are any questions and summarizes all email addresses for you. It was never easier to hold successful webinars online.

Add audio to your broadcast

Beamium is the best service for presenting slides and documents on the devices of your audience. The marketing presentation tool focuses 100% on the content. Often, you will be able to simply transmit audio via your smartphone or your existing conferencing solution. This makes it easy for you to implement Beamium in your existing process. In case that you are searching for an audio conferencing provider, enables you to hold HD audio webinars online for free. Simply combine the perfect audio experience of with Beamium and offer your attendees and amazing presentation experience!

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