Exciting Presentations with Interactive Features

5 reasons why you should use Beamium for your slideshows

Presentations are often seen as commodities. Created with PowerPoint, presented with a projector. Creating slides with tools such as PowerPoint is widespread and therefore makes sense. But when it comes to presenting your slides, there are better ways to present them than via a projector or via screen sharing. Beamium helps you to fascinate your audience with exciting presentations, no matter if your viewers are in the same room or in another country. Here are five reasons why it makes sense to present your slides with Beamium:

1. Innovative presentation experience

Beamium enables you to present directly on the smartphones, notebooks and tablets of your audience. People nowadays use their smartphones all the time, so why don’t you use this as your advantage? Easily present on the devices of your audience and avoid any distractions from social media.

2. Interactive features

Second, Beamium makes it possible to get direct feedback from your audience at any time. Questions can be asked during or at the end of your presentation. Every kind of written interaction is supported by Beamium during and even after your talk. This great feature set makes it easy to encourage your audience to participate.

3. Handouts & contact details

With Beamium, your audience gets a digital handout of your slides immediately after your presentation. They can go through the slides again and again from any device. If your viewers want to download the slides, they have to share their contact details with you. Hence, Beamium makes it easier to generate leads with your speech.

4. Keeping in touch

While most presentations are over at the end of the talk, Beamium helps you to keep in touch with your audience. With Beamium, the presentation is only the start of building a long-term relationship with your audience. The interaction and sharing features of Beamium foster after-speech contacts to stay in touch with your listeners. Build a bridge to your audience and turn them into interested followers.

5. Exciting analytics

How can analytics be exciting? Well, with Beamium you get a detailed report which shows you how much your audience loved your presentation, which slides the liked most and where interactions took place. Analyze the success of your slideshow at any time and improve poor slides for the next presentation. Let your audience help you to make your next one even more exciting!

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@todddesantis

Author: beamium