Exchanging Documents Online

How to access important documents, no matter where you are

In summer, it is finally time to leave the office behind and go on holiday. No matter whether you want to explore countries around the world or enjoy your free time at home – the issue, that you’re not in the office and therefore miss important news regarding your business, is always there.

Unfortunately, nowadays, there are many business owners that cannot afford missing relevant news. Especially when it comes to closing big deals, fast reactions are essential and cannot be postponed. Obviously, detailed information is necessary in order to come up with a professional statement, which is difficult to get when you’re not in the office. In consequence, business owners keep on thinking about business related issues and are busy with calls and e-mails, waiting for a colleague to explain documents in detail, instead of enjoying their time off. Isn’t that time consuming and annoying during the holiday?

Beamium as a simple and innovative solution for exchanging documents worldwide

Instead of wasting your time wondering about your business situation at home, Beamium can be used to check what’s going on and quickly analyze new data. The online platform allows you to access documents and to connect with your colleagues fast and easily, wherever you are.

How does it work?

Your assistants simply upload their PDF documents including the relevant information online and provide you with an ID. Using this code on the Beamium website, you can access the documents, no matter where you are, as long as you are connected to the internet and have your smartphone, tablet or laptop with you. In a matter of seconds, you receive all the important news. You can decide whether you want to save the file for later use or check it online right away. This way, business files can easily be exchanged with your colleagues abroad. No more e-mail traffic and no more annoying phone calls during your holidays – it’s you who decides when to check the documents and how to handle these files. There’s no need any more to get stressed out and to miss awesome activities because of business related affairs during holidays.

Beamium wishes you a happy summer holiday!

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Author: beamium