The Benefits of Electronic Document Management

The advantages of modern document management tools

The times where interns were sent from the copy machine, to the fax, to the post office have become a thing of the past in many countries. It’s true, there are still some students who are suffering from the “coffee-maker” internships, but the victims are less with each year. Students are just the first of many examples, where the bureaucratic chains of office document management are loosening year by year. Why? The answer is simple: electronic document management. Managing digital documents has turned into a priority for most businesses. Not only large corporations, but also small start-up companies are switching to the electronic side.

What is so great about digital document management?

Document management systems and software are the new trends introduced by digital communications and cloud storage systems. The benefits of such an evolution are immense and the means to implement it are increasing and getting perfected every day. Document challenges generate clear productivity obstacles and therefore important economic losses for companies. According to a global survey by the IDC, such challenges rob organizations of 21.3% of the general employee productivity. Furthermore, GoNitro calculates that the time wasted in improper document management solutions costs organizations around $20K per worker yearly. If time means money, then the advantages of electronic document management tools are worth a couple of millions. Moreover, money is not the only important aspect. Intuit surveyed 750 Australian businesses in 2013 to discover that 77% of the business owners want to be able to access files remotely. This is another solution presented by document management tools nowadays, which provides valuable flexibility. Of course managing documents from a far also introduced the now common home office, which according to InfoWorld, would save 5.85 billion gallons of oil per year. Yes, that’s right, document management solutions not only facilitate productive, economic and flexible businesses, they also protect the environment by reducing resource consumption (such as paper) and contamination.

Sounds great, what can I do?

In order to modernize your business and benefit from all the advantages of digital document management you will need the proper tool. Luckily there are many great options so that the one that better fits for your business or situation can be chosen. Established names such as DropBox for Business, Google Drive or Zoho Docs provide you many benefits such as large cloud storage capacities, offline access and shared folders. Nonetheless, they sometimes are not the best option to share information live and simply with your co-workers or employees. Straightforward online platforms such as Beamium let you manage documents online in a matter of seconds. With Beamium users can present documents live online and then share them for download. Moreover, the tool`s cloud allows you to store all your documents under your account to later present them live with any device.

Combining some of this different solutions will definitively introduce your business, student organization, training or any activity related to document management into the 21st century and provide you with countless advantages. Still, many people sign their contracts on paper, print flyers, event invitations, tickets or store huge piles of files which consume weeks of labor time. The answers to all this are just one click away.

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