Efficient Sales Calls

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have been at least once in your lifetime either in the giving or receiving end of a sales call.

In either case you are surely familiar with the difficulty of either describing a product or service as a sales person or giving form to the described offer as the potential customer. Countless sales calls fail due to an unclear transmission of the message, generating a potential loss for both sides: the sales person cannot expand his clientele and the potential customer might be missing out on a great deal. The problem is clear: both sides need visual support that enlightens the discussion taking place. Many products and services are difficult to depict and visual aid can always come in handy. Almost every company has a presentation describing what they offer and the different advantages, however through the classical means of a sales call, over the phone, it is difficult to present this to the customer. In many cases the presentation is just sent afterwards to an e-mail address, where it probably lands in the spam folder or never will be opened in the future. Well those problems are a thing of the past thanks to tools like Beamium, which permits users to present PDF documents online in a matter of seconds.

Time is gold

During sales calls time is a key factor. The speaker has to explain the offer in a clear and straightforward manner, as quick as possible, in order to catch the attention of the potential customer. The customer on the other hand does not want to spend eternal minutes on the phone listening to some product he does not even understand. Therefore, an innovative hook such as Beamium works as the perfect icebreaker: the salesman calls immediately the attention of the customer with this modern tool, while the customer benefits on the visual aid depicting the product or service being offered. Moreover, Beamium does not require a software download or a registration, so the customer does not even have to be familiar with the tool. In a matter of seconds, he can access the platform from his browser and enter the ID provided by the seller in order to enjoy the presentation. This saves time for both parties and provides and additional visual experience that enhances the sales call.

Information stays fresh

On a further note, since sales calls tend to be short in nature, potential customers tend to get too much information within a short period of time, which limits their receptive capacity and the way in which the message is digested. An amazing solution would be the possibility of recording all the topics discussed through a simple click. Well that is exactly what Beamium provides: after the presentation takes place, the presenter can enable the documents for download, so that the viewer can save them on his device. In this way the sales person can be sure that the customer will have the information at hand and the customer can analyze the offer more calmly in order to take a well-founded decision. No longer must sales calls need to be a tedious and confusing experience, with Beamium efficiency and innovation will ensure that every single sales call produces a long lasting impression.

Image Source: ©iStockphoto.com/shironosov

Author: beamium