Efficient Phone Conversations

Make your phone calls more effective

In a time where we receive hundreds of emails every week, phone calls are an effective way to reach somebody. Instead of writing an email, phone calls are much more personal and make sure that all questions can be answered during the conversation. No matter if you try to market a product or if you have to negotiate with a business partner – important conversations should be done over phone and not simply by email. In this article, we share some tips on how to make business calls more efficient.

Set your objective

Before you start a conversation, you should clearly know what your goals are. Do you want to establish the basic for a follow-up call, or do you want to have a clear decision if the prospective client is interested or not? Make sure that you don’t waste time by talking around without coming to the point. After some small talk, you should come closer to your objective.

Be precise

If you know your objective, it will be beneficial for you as well as for the person which you call. Nothing is more annoying than getting a call from somebody who does not have a clear central theme for the conversation. The whole conversation should be precisely targeted to the customer as well as to the topic of the conversation. Moreover, it is important to get to the point within a reasonable time. If you spent too much time for doing small talk, you maybe missed the chance to make a deal today. A business conversation is no sprint, but the run should be planned precisely.

Show a presentation

Independently of what you are trying to discuss, visual information makes it much easier to follow the progress. Share a slideshow or a document in addition to the phone call so that you can efficiently go through it. By sharing your documents with Beamium, you ensure that your listeners will be on the same slide as you. Moreover, the interactive feature set of Beamium and its analytics help you to get more feedback from the listeners as well as more analytics.

Summarize the conversation

By summarizing the phone conversation at the end, you guarantee that your listeners understand all points. However, it is important that you highlight the fact that you are happy to answer any remaining questions afterwards. Often, your prospective clients will have a question a couple of days after the phone conversation. If you chose Beamium for sharing your documents, it is more likely to get questions afterwards and you will see how often your listeners engaged with the document.

Arrange a follow-up

Finally, a date for a follow-up call must be arranged. An efficient phone call is only efficient, if you don’t waste a couple of hours afterwards for getting to the next conversation. The following appointment should not be too far in the future. Make sure to arrange reasonable timeline for the next call and make it even more efficient by getting better with these tips!

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Author: beamium