Effective Lead Generation in Sales Calls

How to share your documents during sales calls

The main objective of sales calls is selling. No matter if you sell a product, software or service – in each case you need to convince somebody that your solution is better than your competitor’s substitutes. Many tools help you to structure your sales process, e.g. Pipedrive. At the end of the day, what matters most is the number of closed deals and their size. With Beamium, your chances to close more deals are higher. Find out how Beamium makes it possible to share documents in real-time with the prospective customer and why you should be more innovative than other sales guys.

You have one chance to impress your client

A first sales contact can be very short (if the client is not interested) or a couple of minutes long (if you are able to make a good impression). Hence, you should have a clear strategy on how to impress the client at the beginning of the call. Try to figure out which problems the prospective customer has with his current solution and compare it to the advantages your product offers. If the person on the other side of the phone says something like “Really? That’s great”, you made it! But how can you reach that?

Foster your call with a presentation

Convincing somebody only with your voice can be hard for some products. Therefore, you should add visual information to the call. How? Simply ask your potential client to go to beamium.com and enter your presentation ID. Immediately you will be able to present your prepared presentation on the device of your audience and make him wow! Impress the client with your product, while he is impressed by this great way of presenting.

Get feedback from your client

You know how difficult it is to get honest feedback from your client. Often, the client has questions which he does not ask. Beamium makes it possible to overcome these problems. Your client can ask you questions, give you feedback or write you any other comment through Beamium. Furthermore, Beamium makes it possible for the client to access the presentation and go through it again and again afterwards. Even after your call, the Beamium handout makes it super easy for your client to get in touch with you again.

Generate more leads with Beamium

Sharing documents with Beamium instead of using traditional email attachments has several advantages. First, you can invite your potential clients over phone even if you do not have an email address from them. Second, Beamium motivates your client to get in touch with you. Third, the lead generation feature of Beamium helps you to capture email addresses, even if the document-link gets forwarded! Finally, the detailed report of Beamium makes it easy for you to analyze the success of your current sales presentation and to improve the next one.

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Author: beamium