Dynamic Communication Solution for Student Associations

Experience an easier, faster and more dynamic way of communicating with members, clients, university authorities and other stakeholders of your student association

Student organizations, student clubs and university editorials are an essential part of the university and campus live. On each university campus you will find a wide variety of student groups in the most diverse working areas. Some are locally managed and others belong to regional or international associations. Student associations extend from academic, sports and leisure clubs to student consultancies and international exchange networks. However, even though they are engaged in very different disciplines and areas they have one thing in common – they connect people with similar interests to exchange information, ideas and opinions. Another vital aspect of a student association is the internal and external communication with members, clients, university authorities and other stakeholders.

Does communicating really have to be that exhausting?

Digital team meetings, tele- and videoconferences with many people as well as presentations on weekly club meetings are daily tasks for an active member of a student union. Especially national and international student associations often need to communicate and exchange information over long distances. We have all experienced it before: endless email conversations with document attachments and uploading slides to cloud services or shared folders. All this consumes a large amount of our valuable time. Beamium helps you to communicate easier, faster and more interactive. It is a dynamic communication tool, which allows interactive presentations and an immediate exchange of information. Let me show you how Beamium innovates the way of communicating and how useful the web-based communication tool could be for your student organization.

Weekly club and team meetings

Regular club meetings are valuable opportunities to meet all of your members personally and communicate the most important information to your peers. However, the bigger your association is, the harder it will be to distribute your presentation and the most important messages to all association members. With Beamium you can make sure that everybody gets the information they need immediately on their own devices. Even members who could not be physically present can join your presentation from anywhere in the world.

Internal communication

Support your tele- and videoconferences with Beamium. Screen sharing will be a thing of the past. With Beamium everyone anywhere in the world can join your presentation. In this manner, everybody is on the same page and gets the most important information within seconds on their own devices. You don’t have to worry about poor video quality anymore. Presentations in front of clients and stakeholders Demonstrate your digital savviness to your clients and stakeholders and surprise them with an innovative and interactive way of communicating with them. Present live on the devices of your audience, no matter if they are in the same room or far away. Reach an unlimited audience with one click in real time.

Trainings and Coaching

The education and training of your members is important. However, they need to absorb large amounts of information in a very short time. Therefore, it is important to provide information material and handouts to them. Don’t worry, Beamium has got it all covered – with one click your members can download the training slides after the workshop and take home a digital PDF handout right away.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out yourself!

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Author: beamium