Do You Know Your Webinar Audience?

How to increase leads at your webinars

Webinars are a great way to present topics in front of a large audience over the web. Invitations can be shared with known contacts as well as with unknown prospects. Social media, online marketing and the growing sharing economy enable you to attract people which you have not yet met directly to your webinar. Good marketing plans make it possible to reach hundreds of webinar attendees directly from your notebook. Although this growing number of attendees makes your webinar more successful, it became more difficult to stay in touch with your participants afterwards.

Spread your webinar invitation

A good topic and a clear description are the two key starting points of planning your webinar. After that, it is important to invite a critical mass of potential attendees. You should invite your existing clients, the attendees of your last webinar and your followers at social media. Moreover, it is nowadays easy to reach further participants via influencers. Try to establish relationships with influencers from your industry and ask them if they could share your presentation. In best case, the invitation should lead to a specific landing page where the attendees can register for the webinar and simultaneously for your newsletter. Getting the contact details of your attendees is very important and helps you to remember them about the webinar.

Make it easy to join your webinar

There are many webinar tools available. Find the one which perfectly fits your needs. Some of the tools focus on transmitting audio conferencing (e.g. FreeConferenceCall) or document conferencing (e.g. Beamium), while others can be seen as all-in-one solutions (e.g. GoToWebinar). Depending on your target audience, you need to choose the solution which best serves your needs. Combining audio, video and slides in one tool has various advantages but often means that your viewers must download a software or install an app. Combining an audio and a slide broadcasting tool on the other hand, has the disadvantage that you need to communicate two tools but helps you to attract a wider audience. Some of your viewers maybe only choose to follow the audio or the slide broadcast – e.g. because they must work on the date of the webinar or they want to follow via their smartphones. In every case, it should be very easy to access your webinar for your audience.

Get the contact details of your attendees

Don’t forget that the webinar is a means to an end. Via the webinar you should introduce your attendees to a specific topic and start a relationship with them. Afterwards, this relationship can be used for follow-up actions to stay in contact and to convert them into valuable leads. Make it easy for your audience to share contact details with you before, during and after the webinar. It is crucial that the chosen webinar tool helps you to interact with your audience and supports your acquisition strategy. All the great ways of sharing your webinar invitation have advantages. But inviting new attendees often means that you lose potential leads if you are not able to get to know them better during the webinar. Make sure that your webinar excites your attendees so that they are happy to keep in touch with you!

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Author: beamium