Discussing your CV Online

The job market, a wild and confusing economic jungle where dreams and deceptions collide.

Young and old, experienced and amateurs, all take part in this fascinating expression of capitalism, however, not all take the juiciest piece of the cake home. The hiring procedure resulting from this phenomenon is not always, not to say almost ever, satisfying for both recruiter and recruited. It is important both for companies as well as for job seekers to maximize the success of such a procedure and the first and most important mean to achieve this is a CV. Discussing a CV is usually one of the first steps and the paramount activity in a recruitment process. A job provider that is initially satisfied with an application, must have experienced some interest in the information displayed on the CV, but this also is accompanied by many questions. Therefore, when an applicant is invited to a job interview, he can expect that one of the first activities to be addressed, will be the discussion of his CV. In the past years this used to take place in empty conference rooms and small offices at the company’s headquarters, however, the turn in the last decade the concept of online interviews via skype or phone interview has won major terrain, due to the expanding globalization of the job market. This has eased the hiring procedure drastically for both parties, but not without important losses: discussing a CV over the phone or screen is in many cases not the same as in person. Nonetheless, different tools and platforms such as Beamium provide a solution for this.

A process of meticulous simplicity

Discussing a CV should be done with careful precision. The hiring party does not want to miss important details and traits of their potential employee in order to avoid letting go a great match or hiring an unfitting applicant. On the other hand, it is in the job seeker`s interest to discuss every important detail in his CV, so that relevant skills are not ignored. When discussing a CV over the phone or via a screen, such problems commonly take place, since it is difficult for the applicant to guide his recruiter precisely through the diverse sections without complications. In such cases a tool such as Beamium can come in very handy. With Beamium the applicant can upload his CV as a PDF document onto the web viewer and invite the interviewer to follow his document live, by sharing the specific presentation ID with him. The interviewer just needs a web browser, he does not need a software or registration, so in less than a few seconds he can follow the live CV presentation of the applicant. Moreover, features such as a laser pointer and a zoom-in function enable a very precise discussion of the document and therefore help avoid missing important details.

Creativity enabled through technology

Visual imagery is one of the best ways of absorbing information and this possibility is completely annihilated when discussing a CV over a speaker or a video call. Formalities and professionalism reduce the level of creativity that can be usually applied to CVs and therefore images or visual data that accompany the written biography are rare or frowned upon. Nonetheless, when such formalities are over and the CV is actually being discussed live, more freedoms are applicable and creativity can be set in motion. An applicant can use a tool such as Beamium to discuss a modified version of his CV, including pictures, diplomas, references or any other visual material that might enhance the experience. In this way an artificial biographical discussion can gain more organic qualities and provide the recruiter with a better perspective of the applicant, while this can better express himself. Technological innovations are created to simplify and enhance processes and now is the turn of the job market to embrace them and thus enable a win-win situation for all parties.

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Author: beamium