Discover the Fresh Design of our Website

Details about our unique logo and the website

You should be the first ones to hear learn more about our fresh design! We did an extensive crowd research giving us some hints for user interface optimization. With the innovative design we illustrate the creation of a clear line to represent the constant improvement of Beamium. The color scheme - reminiscent of aquamarine - looks fresh, modern and innovative. With the new font we emphasize on the user’s readability which now looks clearly structured. This clean and slick format shall help to improve the user relation when working with Beamium. A great design is not complete without an awesome logo: the puristic black and white lines create a classic look.

The modern website also improves the user’s navigation in many ways. The first impression of our site is a clear structure. The appearance of the Web-viewer for entering the Beamium-ID is fixed to allow an easy access. Another important function is the upload possibility for your documents. It now is located in a central position. Large icons and images on the page will ease the navigation.

Despite the fact our design will constantly improve, our passion for the product and for our customers remains unchanged high!

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Author: beamium