Digital Revolution Enables New Possibilities

In the last few years, digital transformation became the subject of a controversial and passionate debate.

Technological developments especially of communication media cause interpersonal interaction on a new level. E-Mail, Skype-Calls and Messenger-Services can replace the no longer necessarily face-to-face communication. Many people share a critical view on the digital transformation. They are not only afraid of losing their jobs and being replaced by machines, but they are also concerned about consequences in their personal life. Data transparency, a permanent ability to be contacted and daily information overload increase the personal stress level. Not surprisingly, “Digital-Detox” offers are becoming more and more popular. On the other hand, the digital revolution enables endless chances to improve our working and private lives.

Improved networking

From the working life’s perspective, probably the biggest advantage is the connection of people all over the world at any time. With E-Mails, social media, video-calls, tools for project management and messenger-services the world has moved closer together. In this manner, working processes can be simplified and resources become more globally accessible. Is the best possible developer located in Tokio, the copywriter in the USA and the marketing team in Germany? This is not a problem, since the new media technologies enable a networking, communication and cooperation process, independent of the current location. It is here where tools such as Beamium play an important role – then the web-based online tool for presenting documents online creates the possibility of effectuating presentations in such a manner, that the slides are transmitted through diverse mobile devices, while the presenter communicates his ideas through a video conference or via the telephone. Hence, programs such as Beamium improve the digital cooperation and represent a further step in technical innovation. This enables uncountable possibilities for companies, allowing different team members to communicate with their peers or superiors, without the need for physical distance. There is no more need to be present in the immediate surroundings of the co-workers to enable a suitable work coordination, because the world is taking a twist into a digital future and opening many various possibilities to remain in contact with each other.

More freedom and flexibility

Global communication possibilities are a synonym of greater freedom and flexibility for individuals. There is no further need to attach to the old standards of a 9-to-5 working time, since either when working from a home office or a coworking space in Asia, the best individual working necessities of everyone can be considered. It is proven that eventually everyone works better under different conditions and schedules and here is where the digital transformation makes it possible to approach the individual wishes and thus create the near to ideal working conditions. This not only means that issues such as family planning or personal freedom can be better taken into account, it also signifies a more efficient and creative workforce, resulting from an environment that meets its needs.

Improved information access

Being at the cutting edge of information at any time is a requirement of successful work. This applies both to the internal exchange within a company as well as to the state of development and news related to the industry. Here is where the Internet´s full range of possibilities comes into play. Elemental knowledge can be easily shared and accessed through blogs and websites. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook even enable the exchange and dissemination of information in real time. Furthermore, the Internet is used not only by consumers, but also by disseminators, who want to transmit their information quickly and effectively. In this case Beamium provides a practical approach as well: the fact that presentations can be followed in real time on your smartphone, tablet or computer and moreover be accessed at any time afterwards, permits that the information remains more vivid and for a longer time in the minds of the recipients. In addition, presentations can be shared with Beamium with a simple click in social networks and thus spread globally. This shows once again that the digital transformation has enormous advantages, especially in the working environment, and ensures long-term improvements.

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Author: beamium