How to Create Handouts Online

The best way to create & share online handouts with your audience

If you had to sum up the last 20 years of mankind in a word, which would it be? I know I would choose a quite simple one: internet. This invention changed how we interact, how we work, how we shop, how we entertain ourselves, basically, how we live. Nowadays you can do almost anything online and this has also helped us in increasing our productivity through communication channels, learning possibilities and many other advantages. One of the most important aspects is the access to information online, at any time, from anywhere. Therefore, it is worth to have a closer look on how to best create and share digital handouts online.

What tool to use?

The pros of having access to your handouts online in a digital form are numerous. Tools such as Beamium let you access your documents from any corner of the planet, with any device. Since your handouts will be in a digital format, there is no need to transport bulky paper files and waste valuable paper. Besides being comfortable, such tools also help saving costs and protecting the environment. While using Beamium, you just need to create an account and you will be able to save your documents in the cloud and access them, read them and download them at any given time. It is a practical and organized way to have uncomplicated access to your files online. Moreover, with Beamium you can not only read and download your documents, you can present them to other people live, with just one click.

Creating online handouts with Beamium

Making your handouts available online with Beamium is very easy and includes several benefits:

  1. Simply upload the prepared document with one click and immediately your notes will be turned into an online handout.
  2. The access link to the document can now be easily shared with the audience.
  3. The digital handout has many advantages such as easy accessibility from every device (including notebooks, smartphones, tablets) and great extras such as analytics and interactive features.
  4. In addition, digital handouts have a positive impact on the environment since no printed handouts are needed anymore.

The value of online information

Many tools have been developed to access and share information online. Social media and similar channels are used to share memories, news and thoughts, while other more specific tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer are used to store or share documents. The importance of such solutions is that they enable the access to documents and valuable information from anywhere around the world, as long as there is an internet connection. A popular case is that of digital handouts. Many universities, businesses and private users take advantage of online tools to share and store digital handouts efficiently. A great example of such a platform is Beamium, which enables users not only to store and read their digital handouts online, but also present them live.

Various fields of application

The possibilities of implementing such tools are close to infinite. Students use it to read the handouts from university lectures anywhere, without spending much money in tint and paper. Businesses use it to transmit important reports, instructions and documents to employees and partners, so that these can be easily accessed anywhere within seconds. Travelers use it to have access to important documents such as reservations, tickets, passport or insurance copies, from anywhere in the world. You can even use them to read and download eBooks. Depending on the situation, there is always a solution that will adapt to your needs, that is the beauty of the internet.

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