Creativity through Technology

Being original in the new millenium

Human beings have always craved for originality. The ascent of our own civilization is the result of a network and exchange of innovative ideas. We are always looking to come up with new projects, invent new processes and techniques and in general, innovate our environment. As Herman Melville once said “it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”. Since the industrial revolution, we have faced a radical development in technologies which has resulted in a near to infinite availability of tools for individuals to express themselves. First the radio, afterwards the television and now the internet, the possibilities to combine creative thought with technological tools are abounding. Sharing paintings or comedic drawings with your friends is surely a rarity now at days, for you can easily use Photoshop or similar tools to create a funny image within seconds. In fact, this is how the famous memes were born. In the past, inspired lovers used to write songs for their muses, now they share a YouTube video of a love song through a messaging app. Romantics might complain that we have lost touch with our creative and artistic side, but in fact, technologies provide us with numerous more ways to express our creativity.

From Leonardo da Vinci to Mark Zuckerberg

500 years ago a famous Italian painter delivered us an oil masterwork named the Mona Lisa. A bit more than a decade ago it was the turn of a young Harvard student with his Facebook platform. No matter in which period of time, human beings have always been immensely creative. The advantage of the latest generations, is that an increasing abundance of modern technologies is responsible for a much broader spectrum through which these ideas can be displayed. In the new millennium, creativity and technology go by the hand. Presentations at a convention shared live around the globe, recent events shared in form of hilarious memes within seconds, the selfie and drone revolution, 9gag, Photoshop, the queue of examples is endless. Technologies have not generated a lazy creativity, as many romantics would like you to think. On the other hand, they have unlocked countless doors for original ideas to be expressed.

Some tips from us

With so many possibilities to express your ideas, how to choose the proper tools? There is a right tool for each occasion and it depends on the manner you want to communicate your thoughts. A good example of the infinity of options that can be accessed with simple technological tools is Beamium. Beamium seems quite basic and straightforward at first sight, nonetheless the ways on which you can express your creativity with this tool are countless. You can use Beamium to share invitations to weddings or birthday parties in an innovative way. You can also send creative letters to loved ones and friends all over the world with a simple link. Surprise fellow students at a seminar presentation with this innovative solution while presenting or impress your recruiter discussing your CV with it. Moreover, you can use it to have access to documents while travelling, such as your eBooks, or simply to save files like music notations on its cloud and then include the link on your videos or blogs.

Beamium is just one example, of course. There are millions of diverse tools out there that can shape your ideas in the most original ways. The key is to embrace technologies into the creative process. The results will then speak for themselves. So next time you have a brilliant idea and don`t know how to express it remember, we are in the 21st century, the age where no thoughts get wasted.

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Author: beamium