Create and Share your Slideshow Online

The easiest way of sharing slides online

Today, we will plunge into the interesting topic of creating and sharing slideshows online to a remote audience. All of you know, how to create a “traditional” slideshow with PowerPoint, Keynote or any other slide creation program. But how can you broadcast these slides to the web? Beamium tackles this problem with its awesome web solution and a very user-friendly web interface:

  1. Online slideshows can be created in a few seconds.
  2. Use your existing solution for making the presentation.
  3. Share your document online, embed it on websites or present live.
  4. Enage your viewers and turn them into leads.
  5. Benefit from amazing engagement insights.

Create an online slideshow in less than 10 seconds

You finished your presentation and simple want to put it on the web? No problem, save your document as a PDF and upload the slides with only one click on There are no installations needed. No download is necessary. You do not need to learn anything new. Simply select the file you want to turn into an online slideshow and upload it within seconds to Beamium. Hence, you can use your normal solution for drafting the document - e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi - and simply turn it into an online slideshow with one click. Of course, it is also possible to update your slides again in case that you made any changes in the original document.

Share your slideshow online

After uploading your slides on Beamium, you will immediately receive a unique ID as well as a unique presentation link which enables your viewers to join your online slideshow. Simply share this link via email, social media or share the ID orally via phone and invite your listeners to your presentation. Your viewers will be able to navigate freely through the document, they can like your slides and there is an interactive feature for getting in touch for you in case of questions, feedbacks or any other comments. By sharing the link to your online slideshow through multiple channels, you increase the reach of your presentation.

Embed your online slideshow in websites & blogs

In addition to sharing the access link, you can also embed the slideshow in your own website or blog. Simply click on the iframe-button in your Beamium account and you will immediately receive the HTML-code for embedding the document in your website. Of course, the iframe can also be embedded in your blog.

Broadcast your presentation live to a remote audience

Optionally, you can decide to present your slideshow in real-time online. Whenever you move one slide forward, Beamium moves the slide automatically forward on the devices of your audience as well. Your viewers simply need an ordinary web browser to follow your web broadcast – no installations, no extra software and nothing else is needed. The broadcast can be joined from any device (smartphone, tablet, notebook) and from any operating system your viewers might have. After your live broadcast, your viewers can freely go through the document by themselves and download it afterwards (unless you choose to prevent the download). In case that you want to add audio to your webcast, there are many services available which make it simple to stream high quality audio broadcasts (e.g. Mixlr, IMS, Google Hangouts). After the end of your broadcast, you can enable the viewers to navigate freely through the document themselves. In every case, the interactive features of Beamium will help you to strengthen the engagement level.

Share your broadcast through social media

It’s your decision if your presentation broadcast should be private with a very small number of listeners or public with the maximum reach. In the first case, the invitation to the broadcast should be sent via emails to ensure that only the invited people have access to your presentation. In the second case, you can share your broadcast link via social media and all other channels which you regularly use for interacting with people.

Capture leads

In addition to the possibilities of sharing or presenting slideshows online, Beamium offers a dedicated lead feature which makes it possible to turn presentation viewers into future customers. Simply decide if you want to request the viewers' contacts before downloading the document or in the middle of the slideshow. Beamium will then verify the emails automatically to ensure that only realy emails come into your report.

Track the success of your slides

Don’t forget to analyze the success of your slideshow afterwards! Beamium helps you to find out how many people viewed your presentation. Detailed slide analytics show you which page the viewers like most and where they stayed for the longest time. Find out if your listeners came back to your presentation some days after again and at which point the leave your presentation. Compare your last slideshow with the current one and adapt your next online presentation in accordance to the feedback of your audience!

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