Conference Calls Without Technical Problems

The easiest way to present documents during phone calls

In a global business world with distributed teams, conference calls became a powerful tool for efficient remote meetings. Internal calls, calls with business partners and calls with prospective clients are on our daily agenda. Unfortunately, technical problems happen quite regular as well. By using straightforward conferencing tools, your life can become much easier. Beamium enables you to present easily from notebook to notebook without the hassle of technical issues.

Present slides online with two clicks

No matter if you want to present slides, documents or repots – Beamium makes it simple to upload the drafted documents with only one click on Beamium works for any operating system and on any device. It is a web-based service with no installations which perfectly fits together with your existing technologies. One click to upload the document and one click to invite your audience are sufficient. Immediately you will be able to present slide by slide on the devices of your listeners. Even if your listeners are on the go and want to join with their smartphones, there are no installations necessary. Beamium guarantees that your listeners always see the same slide of the document as you present. Details can be shown with a laser pointer. By sure the easiest and most comfortable way of discussing documents in conference calls.

Make your conference calls interactive

The easiness of Beamium makes it a great supportive tool for your telephone conferences. It can easily be used together with your existing audio line. In addition to presenting the documents on multiple notebooks simultaneously, Beamium has several more features for a better conferencing experience. Your listeners will be able to write you feedback or questions at any time. Especially for calls with more than two participants this feature will prevent interruptions and foster your effectiveness. The interactive features will stay available after the call as well which keeps the connection between you and your listeners after the call – a crucial element especially for sales and marketing calls.

Super easy, super awesome

There are only a few clicks available, which guarantees that no user mistakes occur. Moreover, the simplicity of Beamium ensures that no technical problems come up. As long as there is a minimum internet connection, you don’t need to worry at all. Focus on your pitch and don’t worry about any technical issues anymore. The fact that Beamium focuses on sharing your presentation instead of sharing the screen helps to reduce the likelihood of problems as well. Finally, there are great analytics available which enable the presenter to analyze the success of the presentation during the call and to track the interactions of your listeners afterwards. If you want to know how your audience uses your slides afterwards, which documents they like most and where they have questions, Beamium will be your tool for super-efficient conference calls.

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