Connecting Sales and Inbound Marketing

How Beamium helps you to build bridges between marketing and sales

Connecting inbound marketing and sales became one of the key challenges in business. Traditional sales processes have to be adapted for better interactions with the modern marketing channels. In best case, there should be a friendly exchange of leads between your marketing and your sales team. While some leads should be tackled by automatic marketing mechanisms, others should be followed-up by sales representatives. With Beamium, sales as well as marketers can easily identify the lead quality and hand over potential clients.

Marketing your business with Beamium

Beamium is a web-based presentation platform which helps you to be more successful with your document presentation. By directly broadcasting the document on the devices of your audience, the encouraging feature set of Beamium involves the client and delivers relevant analytics to the presenter. Presentations can either be presented live from browser to browser (e.g. during a telephone conference) or shared as digital handouts via link. In both cases, the viewer will experience an innovative document experience with promoted interaction possibilities. Simultaneously, the presenter gets the relevant information he needs to estimate the lead quality of the client. By simply sharing documents – in real-time or asynchronous – with Beamium, your success rate of closing deals will immediately skyrocket.

Qualifying inbound marketing leads

For marketing teams which follow the well-known buyer journey strategy it is critical to get more information about the customer. Is he interested in the topic or the product? Did he just got aware of his problem, or will he make a decision soon? Evaluating the quality of the lead gets much easier if the client looked on the information via Beamium instead of simply reading e.g. your blog. By sharing the link to your Beamium document via automatic emails or by embedding the document on your website, you can easily find out how much the visitor interacted with the information. Moreover, he can interact with you and ask questions directly through Beamium. Find out, if somebody only had a single look on the presentation or got much deeper into your slides.

Handing leads over to sales

But what if you found out that somebody should rather be assisted by one of your colleagues form sales? No problem, you can easily forward the Beamium report with all relevant information about the client’s interactions to the sales team. After that, the sales representative is able to directly present a document to client, while the client keeps the same access link. The document can be updated at any time with new information and the client will see your most up-to-date version of the file. In the next sales call, the document can be updated again and simply presented to the client over distance. There is no need to bomb the client with thousand documents – Beamium makes it possible that the client always reaches the latest one through the same link. Hence, the document can be adapted according to the current stage of the client.

Beamium helps you to better understand your customers and to get more feedback. The flexibility of the tool makes it a great support for marketers as well as for sales guys. By sharing the Beamium report, sales and marketing teams can easier hand over clients and work together in a complementary way.

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