Closing the Gap between MQL and SQL

How to get marketing qualified leads at a sales qualified level

Since many years, there is a big dilemma in corporations. Marketing teams create leads, and sales teams complain about the quantity and the quality of these leads. Either there are too many marketing qualified leads and the sales representatives don’t know where to start, or there are too few leads available. In both cases, it is likely that the low quality of the leads is more hindering than the number of leads. If there were better conversion rates, nobody would complain about too many or too few leads. Hence, the real problem is the definition of marketing qualified leads which often does not satisfy the expectations of sales team.

Marketing qualified leads from a sales perspective

From a sales perspective, marketing qualified leads often do not “meet the criteria”. This means that the leads which the sales team receives are not equally good as the internally created sales qualified leads. Of course, there must be a difference between MQL and SQL. Marketing teams start at the earliest stages of the lead-funnel and therefore must deal with many more prospective customers than sales teams. Hence, it is not possible to call every potential client in person and qualify him according to the sales guidelines. Furthermore, modern online marketing channels do not allow personal contact at the early marketing stages. Therefore, standardized marketing automation tools are often used to turn visitors into marketing qualified leads. Sales people have to deal with much smaller numbers of prospective clients, which enables them to spend more time on qualifying them. The company’s tough task is to bridge marketing and sales qualified leads. All leads shall be brought to the next deal phase in a reasonable time. If marketing teams want to be helpful, it is necessary to think about higher-quality marketing leads.

The advantages of high-quality MQL

Naturally, better marketing qualified leads result in more sales opportunities. The more information marketing delivers, the easier it will be for sales to follow up and close the deal. To close the gap between MQL and SQL, a higher quality of marketing leads should be reached. Theoretically, you could also converge MQL and SQL by lowering the quality of SQL, but this would obviously crash your sales targets. Instead of seeing marketing and sales teams as counterparts, it should be pointed out that both teams must work together to reach the company’s targets. In our efficient and crowded business world, it gets more and more difficult to meet expectations. Hence, there is no space for internal fights between marketing and sales. Modern marketing teams must understand their responsibility for bringing high-quality leads, while sales teams should see the necessity of marketing leads for their own business success. Together, better marketing qualified leads can be defined so that your sales guys spend time on following-up with the most relevant customers.

How to bring MQL to a SQL level

In a nutshell, businesses can be much more successful by brining MQL to SQL levels. Of course, it won’t be possible to get in touch with every prospective client in the earliest funnels of your lead process. Hence, it is needed to select the best qualified leads and to gather more information about them. Instead of capturing email addresses at large, white paper marketing techniques can be used for sorting out irrelevant leads. By sharing marketing materials with your website visitors directly on your website, in your blog, on social media or via email and asking them to share contacts AFTER the first slides, high-quality leads can be achieved. It is important to understand that gathering the highest possible number of leads is as unprofitable as spending thousands of euros to get a few lucrative clients. Sharing white papers through Beamium helps you to turn your marketing presentations into lead-generating instruments. The qualified leads together with the gathered information can easily be forwarded to your sales team which makes their sales process much more effective.

To sum up, it is necessary to close the gap between MQL and SQL by improving the quality of marketing qualified leads. Of course, this results in a lower number of leads but therefore in much higher conversion rates and less wasted time. Marketers must nowadays be able to provide more information about the provided leads before categorizing them as marketing qualified leads. Innovative inbound marketing tools like Beamium make it easier to collect promising leads and simultaneously offer great analytics which are a necessity for every online marketer.

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