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The most effective Sales Acceleration Technology: Beamium

A popular term among salespeople in recent years is that of sales acceleration. As you probably guessed, this refers to an increased speed during the sales process. To sell more products or services in less time, sales representatives often use sa... Read More

4 groundbreaking Inside Sales Tools

With the development of the internet and long-distance communication technologies, the outside sales trend that was common 30 years ago, has now been replaced by an increased focus in inside sales activities. Now more than ever, experts in inside ... Read More

The world’s best Sales Presentation Tools

When people say the words “sales presentation” what first comes into mind? Probably it is the picture of a fancy businessman or woman giving a sales pitch in front of various executives. Don’t get me wrong, that is also the case for me, but the fu... Read More

How to Give Effective Online Demos

It was a long way to get to the product demo stage. Marketing budget was invested to capture leads, many sales mails followed until the prospect agreed to the online demo. Now, it’s your turn to present your product in the best possible spotlight.... Read More

Top 3 European Sales Acceleration Technologies

You probably have heard of sales acceleration technologies. Thanks to the development of cloud technologies and diverse tools, the sales activities of many companies have reinvented themselves. They now strive for rapid monetization, based on accu... Read More

Turning Sales Presentations into Lead Generation Tools

How to prepare a convincing sales presentation? A question that businessmen have asked themselves for decades. Sales presentations are a vital part of a company’s activities, since they are one of the main means used to acquire buyers. Although ra... Read More

How to Qualify Leads

The introduction of the internet has faced sales teams with a significant increase in prospects to qualify. A couple of decades ago, a sales team used to invest a large amount of time in each prospect, since the acquisition of leads was limited to... Read More

Integrating Sales and Marketing

Sales teams work daily on improving the company’s revenue. Marketing teams focus on creating new leads which ultimately should result in higher revenue too. So, why not integrating sales and marketing to work closer on this common goal? Bringing y... Read More

Hit your Sales Targets with Smart Analytics

The business world got more and more crowded. Many competitors offer similar services as your company. Your sales targets are ways to high and you have no chance to hit them this year. Wrong! You have many chances to hit them, and the best one is ... Read More

How to Structure Follow-Up Processes in Sales

Follow-ups are equally important as initial contacts to prospective customers. Based on the fact that you already had a first conversation, the chances to turn the deal into an opportunity are even bigger. While initial contacts make it often diff... Read More

The Benefits of Adding Visual Information to Conference Calls

The success of a conference call depends on its preparation and the execution. If you feel that your conference calls could be much more productive, you are invited to continue reading. Calling your colleagues, weekly meetings, customer calls – th... Read More

5 Cold Email Hacks Proven to Up Your Response Rate

Continuous cold outreach is the ultimate way to ensure a long and successful sales career. Those who realize this are always on the hunt for that secret tip or “perfect” cold email template to up their game that much more. You may be one of th... Read More

How to Convince Sales Qualified Leads

A new lead represents a chance. But often, this chance falls away. It is normal that some of the qualified leads chose one of your competitors or stay with their existing solution. By following these tips, you will be able close more deals and sim... Read More

How to Turn Leads into Customers

If you want to get more customers, you need to get new leads which can be closed by your sales team afterwards. Often, there is a lot of miscommunication included when it comes to lead management. While marketing teams point out how many leads the... Read More

7 Steps to Close a Deal over Phone

If you want to close more deals at your sales calls, these 7 steps will tell you how to structure them best. 1. Be realistic about closing the deal Before you even start the call, you should be realistic about closing the deal. If this is the fir... Read More

Turn your Slideshow into a Lead Generation Tool

Presentations are a great way to share information. By presenting them live or simply sharing them, your viewers can learn more about a topic and you. Unfortunately, not everybody who sees your document automatically turns into a customer. Beamium... Read More

The #1 Sales Presentation Platform – Beamium

If you work in sales, you probably know how difficult it is to effectively share documents with prospective customers. After sending the email attachment, you never hear again from the prospect. Your sales pitch is good, but you know that you can ... Read More

Make your Phone Calls more Effective with Beamium

Telephone calls are omnipresent at every business day. Instant sales calls, weekly telephone conferences and many other daily conversations keep us on the phone for hours. Often, documents or presentations are discussed at these calls. While most ... Read More

Better Presentation Sharing in Sales Calls

Sales calls are a crucial element of every sales process. After getting started with a new lead, it’s time to demonstrate the solution via phone to the client. Often, documents are simply send via email which is easy to do but not very smart. It’s... Read More

The 7 Biggest Challenges in Sales

Sales in the modern business era became a totally new challenge compared to traditional sales. Combining social media, email and phone calls perfectly is necessary for closing deals. A good sales representative must master communications and marke... Read More

6 Secrets every Smart Salesperson Knows

Meeting sales targets can be very challenging these days. After many bountiful years, most corporations count on efficiency. This new era makes it much more difficult to acquire customers. While blind ambition was often sufficient to achieve sales... Read More

Mobile Conferencing – A New Era of Online Meetings

Smartphones help us to access internet from nearly every place around the world. With the help of this little device, we can work, communicate, socialize and to enjoy great entertainments easily. The times where television and notebooks dominated ... Read More

The Perfect Duration of a Sales Call

Sales calls are an effective way of reaching out to prospective customers. But how long should a normal sales call be? And at which circumstances should the call be longer or shorter? Of course, there is no unique number of minutes about how long ... Read More

Efficient Phone Conversations

In a time where we receive hundreds of emails every week, phone calls are an effective way to reach somebody. Instead of writing an email, phone calls are much more personal and make sure that all questions can be answered during the conversation.... Read More

Interactive Conferencing At Its Best

Telephone conferences are great for efficient phone calls over distance. Beamium helps you to boost your telephone conferences with effective online presentations. While your audio line stays the same as currently, your viewers can now simultaneou... Read More

How to Prepare Sales Calls

Sales calls are your chance to convince prospective customers from your product. A great chance to deliver your perfect pitch. But the perfect sales call already starts prior to the phone call. Before dialing the number, you should prepare yoursel... Read More

Conference Calls Without Technical Problems

In a global business world with distributed teams, conference calls became a powerful tool for efficient remote meetings. Internal calls, calls with business partners and calls with prospective clients are on our daily agenda. Unfortunately, techn... Read More

Presentations at Phone Calls

Conference calls have the objective to discuss information over distance. As a cost- and time-effective way of meeting online, they can be used internally, for calls with business partners and for sales or marketing purposes. In every case, it has... Read More

MQL vs. SQL – How to Define Sales-Ready Leads

If you work in marketing or sales, you probably hear quite often about getting more leads. The typical lead funnel starts at the top with new contacts and finishes with the closed deal. But between these steps, there are many other stages where th... Read More

5 Signs that your Prospect is Not Interested

You already put a lot of work into the deal. After searching for the right database, going to various events and having thousands first calls, you now must look through all the potential leads and requalify them. Of course, your time is valuable a... Read More

Lead Qualification in B2B Sales Processes

Qualifying leads according to their potential is important in every sales process and especially B2B companies should have a strong interest in better lead qualification. Much time can be wasted by focusing on low-quality inbound leads instead of ... Read More

5 Tools Every Sales Representative Should Know

There are many reasons why sales guys should very effective nowadays. Our business world gets more and more competitive which results in a stressful job for marketers. There have been times when closing deals was easier than today. On the other si... Read More

The Elevator Pitch, Always At Hand

Life is full of surprises: sometimes, you spend months searching for your chance to move forward, and one day you suddenly run into a great opportunity. You never know who you’re going to meet next, and especially in the deeply connected, mobile a... Read More

The Benefits of Analyzing the Presentation Viewers Behavior

Since a while, Beamium offers great analytics which make it possible to analyze the success of your presentations. Slideshows can so easily be shared with the audience and tracked afterwards. Getting a detailed reporting of your documents helps to... Read More

6 Tips for Successful Inbound Calls

It’s Thursday afternoon and your telephone rings. As a professional agent for inbound calls, you know that this is your chance to turn the caller into a future client. But how can you reach even better results and become more effective? Here are s... Read More

Stop Losing Leads At Your Presentation

How many leads did you generate with your last presentation? And how many people have been in the audience? Probably there have been hundred times more people in the audience compared to the number of leads which you got. And this is – unfortunate... Read More

Make your Telephone Conferences Effective

“Sorry, I can’t hear you. Which document are we talking about? Slide 7 or slide 17? You are talking about the second paragraph, correct? Could you please send me the file again, I did not receive it the last time?” At how many audio conferences di... Read More

10 Tips for Better Conference Calls

We all spend many hours every week in conference calls. Meetings over distance are much more efficient than meeting every time in person, but there are many things that can still be done for improving conference calls. Here are 10 tips to make you... Read More

7 Awesome Collaboration Tools

Working together over distance can be very efficient. But only, if you are able to deal with the natural challenges of remote teams. Don’t’ expect that everything will just work out. If you are responsible for coordinating a remote team, this list... Read More

5 Tips to Create Effective Sales Presentations

As a sales representative, you know how important it is to convince your potential customers. Besides the verbal communication, your sales material is essential. Follow these 5 tips to create more effective presentations. 1. Start with a summary ... Read More

Present Your Slides Online

Millions of presentations are created every day. And presented. But how can you present your slides in a special way nowadays? How can you stand out of the crowd? Beamium, an innovative online presentation platform, helps you to engage your audien... Read More

5 Great Document Conferencing Tools

Remote teams make it sometimes challenging to share information. So called “document conferencing tools” make it easier to collaborate together and keep everyone up-to-date. We collected 5 great tools which help your remote team to share and discu... Read More

Effective Lead Generation in Sales Calls

The main objective of sales calls is selling. No matter if you sell a product, software or service – in each case you need to convince somebody that your solution is better than your competitor’s substitutes. Many tools help you to structure your ... Read More

5 Tips for Getting Past the Gatekeeper

The question is not how many sales calls you are able to make on one day. The question is, how smart are your calls and how do you pass the gatekeeper? Before you start to sell your product, it is important to reach the right person and get throug... Read More

Stream Slides Online to the Smartphones, Notebooks and Tablets of your Audience

The web offers many new possibilities to improve the participant’s presentation experience. While streaming of videos is well-known, fewer people have yet discovered the full potential of broadcasted presentations. One reason for that is the domin... Read More

Rock your Client Presentation

Nothing is more crucial for a company’s long-term success than convincing and retaining the right target clients. Even though online marketing gains higher importance in most companies, direct customer contact is still the prevailing source for po... Read More

Sharing Slides in Conference Calls

Document conferencing, also known as data conferencing, became one of the new buzzwords for global teams. While audio conferencing is nowadays quite standardized and can easily be used for worldwide conference calls, it is trickier to choose the r... Read More

Bring Everyone on the Same Slide at your Teleconference

Increasing mobility and advanced technology have allowed us to shift more and more business events to a digital rather than the physical space: not everyone needs to be on the same room anymore to communicate, and conferences can be held remotely ... Read More

5 Tips for Presentations at Teleconferences

Teleconferences are a practical solution born in the last years to substitute physical business meetings or small group presentations in general. It is now common even for small companies to have employees in various cities, countries and even con... Read More

3 Great Online Conferencing Tools - ClearSlide vs. DocSend vs. Beamium

Presenting your work in a professional way to clients is sometimes even more important than the result of the work itself. The way you present your work will influence the feeling of your clients and influence if you get future assignments. Hence,... Read More

Sharing & Discussing Documents at Teleconferences

Teleconferences are part of the everyday activities for countless businesses. Either when quickly discussing documents over the phone with other colleagues, presenting designs to your costumers or trying to sell products or services to potential c... Read More

How to Negotiate Contracts Over the Phone

Thursday morning, ten minutes before the most important phone call of this week starts. A straightforward meeting via phone with your business partners, your colleagues and the lawyers of both parties expects you. The topic of the call is the fina... Read More

Beamium, your Web Presentation Tool

There are many tools on the market to create your presentations online. Holding web meetings and sharing documents over the internet are indispensable elements of our business life. But do you really need to adapt the whole process of creating a p... Read More

Share Excel Reports Online

Budget forecasts, target-performance analysis and many other number-based reports can best be created with Excel. We explain you in this article how you can publish and present your Excel documents online with Beamium. 1. Create your Excel documen... Read More

Share & Present Word Documents Online

Word is the most common tool to create all kind of documents such as reports, articles or minutes. While Word is a great tool to create documents, sharing and discussing documents online with colleagues or clients is often much more challenging. I... Read More

5 Tips for Successful Sales Calls

In a very competitive business environment, the success of your sales calls depends on the value proposition of your product and the way you pitch it to your potential customers. We would like to share our top 5 tips for sales calls with you: 1. D... Read More

Present Documents live Worldwide

Imagine if you could travel to the past and explain a genius such as Leonardo da Vinci or Sir Isaac Newton, that in the year 2016, they would be able to send a message instantly to a person more than 20000km away and even have a face-to-face conve... Read More

Improve your Conference Calls with Effective Online Presentations

Phone calls and conference calls are omnipresent in our business life. In many companies, Monday is known as “meeting day” and very often these meetings take place via audio calls. More often than not, most of the time is used to share updates and... Read More

The Smart Way to Share Documents Online

The necessity to share documents over distanceIn a global world, worldwide collaboration becomes naturally more and more important and one of the major trends in our business environment. Working together with teams from various locations includes... Read More

Tips for Working more Efficiently

Hours in which instead of focusing on our upcoming projects, we let ourselves get distracted by colleagues, incoming calls, emails and countless other thoughts? In many of our cases too much precious time is wasted and spent working extremely inef... Read More

6 Web-Based Productivity Tools for Sales Representatives

Our lives have become deeply complex and fast moving. It often is hard to stay organized and productive throughout the day. With most of our communication taking place digitally via our smartphones, tablets and computers it is plausible to further... Read More

The Benefits of Electronic Document Management

The times where interns were sent from the copy machine, to the fax, to the post office have become a thing of the past in many countries. It’s true, there are still some students who are suffering from the “coffee-maker” internships, but the vict... Read More

Remote Work Simplified through Technology

You probably have heard of the millennial generation, the newest tech-driven wave of young individuals shaping the basis for the future society. Millennials are much more than smartphones, hipster looks and start-ups. This generation has also intr... Read More

Presenting Online Without Installations

It works online and it’s easy to use: those are the typical requirements that apply to technologies that are used in a workplace environment, and particularly for communications purposes. They should work quickly, require minimal effort and, where... Read More

5 Ways to Use Beamium

If you have to give a lot of presentations and lectures, you know the problem: how do you make an impression that will stick in your audience's memory, and how do you differentiate yourself from all the others? Thanks to the flood of information w... Read More

The Perfect Sales Pitch

Even the best ideas don't succeed on their own. The success or failure of an idea, even one that seems promising, often depends on how well it's sold. It's only when an idea has won over supporters - whether they're offering to lend financial supp... Read More

5 Apps for Being more Productive at Work

The professional world is changing. While ten years ago most offices were outfitted with only a computer and a telephone, today laptops, smartphones, and tablets are standard pieces of equipment. These tools aren’t just practical because they allo... Read More

The best way to Discuss Documents Online

In a profession that is highly accurate and methodic, every little detail counts and misinterpretations can lead to major mistakes. Therefore, a smooth collaboration between two parties is always ideal, but not commonly realistic. Discussing diver... Read More

Work From Anywhere – A How-To

A 9-to-5 job was once considered the only realistic model for professional work, and most people remained with a single employer their entire life. But that era is largely over. Today's employee has to be more flexible, spontaneous, and open to ne... Read More

Low Bandwidth Screen Sharing via your Web Browser

20 years ago it was a dream to communicate with someone live over a screen. A feature in futuristic movies and sci-fi novels. Nowadays over 300 million people use Skype, one of the many applications permitting live screen-sharing solutions. The lo... Read More

Efficient Sales Calls

In either case you are surely familiar with the difficulty of either describing a product or service as a sales person or giving form to the described offer as the potential customer. Countless sales calls fail due to an unclear transmission of th... Read More

Visual Aid for your Conference Calls

At one end, various employees are listening to what their superior has to report from the other side of the planet. However, no matter how carefully they pay attention, it is hard to keep track of all the numbers, trends and statistics provided. S... Read More

Time Management – Faster, Effective, and Successful

“You can fool everyone else, but you can't fool your own mind.” ― David Allen, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, 2002 Regardless of whether you’re preparing for a meeting, coming up with a new concept, or creating a pr... Read More

5 Ways to Improve your Productivity with Beamium

Achieving the major quantity of tasks and goals while consuming the least amount of time possible is a must for a successful company or even independent workers. However, since we are not machines, our multi-tasking abilities have certain limits. ... Read More

Giving Powerful Business Presentations

Imagine an important business presentation with managers from different countries. Sending the slides of the presentation beforehand via email would obliterate the element of surprise and the resulting impression. So you decide to choose a screen ... Read More

Empathy: Using Empathetic Communication to Build Success

The concept of empathy continues to play an ever greater role in the world of business, rather than being confined to our personal lives. Showing empathy means displaying and understanding shared feelings with other human beings on an emotional, r... Read More

The Future of Digital Communication

The growth of information exchange in the last decades has been jaw dropping. A thousand years ago, Native Americans were sending smoke messages. Five hundred years ago, pigeons with letters were being sent in Europe. A century and a half ago the ... Read More