Broadcast Office Documents Online

Present PowerPoint, Excel and Word files online

PowerPoint, Excel and Word are the most successful tools for creating presentations, reports and other documents. Everybody knows how to handle them, and we show you how to present them! With Beamium, Office documents can easily be broadcasted online to your audience. A perfect solution for telephone conferences, meetings and webinars. Combining the powerful features of Office and Beamium enables you to successfully convince your audience.

1. Create your documents as usual

If you want to share your documents in real-time with your audience, you first have to create the document as usual. Simply create the document as you always do with your favorite Office program and save it.

2. Upload your document on

To broadcast your Office files with Beamium, simply upload them on with only one click. An optional registration enables you to use the full feature set of Beamium. The uploading process takes less than ten seconds and converts your document automatically in a beautiful, web-based slideshow. At the end of the brief uploading process, you will receive a unique presentation link which enables your viewers to access the document from any device.

3. Invite your attendees

Colleagues, clients and everybody else can easily be invited to your Beamium broadcast via email. You can directly add their email addresses on Beamium or alternatively copy the link and send it manually via email. If you want to invite attendees via phone or social media, the 8-digit presentation ID helps you to flexibly share the presentation access.

4. Start your presentation

Starting the broadcast is as easy as you can imagine. Simply start to present with Beamium! Your audience will automatically be on the same slide as you are. If you move forward or backward, the slides of your audience will be changed automatically as well. By clicking on a specific part of the slide, a laser pointer highlights the space.

5. Digital handout, feedback & reporting

After your presentation, your audience can navigate freely through the handout themselves. The digital handout of your document can be downloaded from Beamium with one click – but only if you allow your audience to download it. During as well as after the presentation, your viewers are able to write you questions, feedback and any other information. This great feature makes it possible to gain valuable feedback and helps you to encourage your audience. Moreover, the contact between you and your attendees can so be continued after the broadcast.

A great reporting overview helps you to analyze the success of every single page of your document. The contact details from your attendees will be allocated to the interactions so that you can maximize the success of your presentation. Broadcasting documents, encouraging viewers and generating leads was never so easy. Try it yourself and use the full power of Beamium to broadcast your Office documents!

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Author: beamium