Broadcast Documents and Presentations Online

The best way to broadcast your slideshow

Did you already hear about broadcasting documents online? Broadcasting simply means that your document will be present online on the devices of your audience. Whenever you move one slide or page forward, your audience will automatically see the same slide as well. Broadcasting documents can be very useful in different situations. You could, for example, broadcast a presentation during your telephone conference to support your phone call with some visual elements or to discuss a report. Moreover, an online webinar could be hold where your slideshow gets broadcasted in front of many more viewers. Broadcasts help you to easily distribute your slides in real-time on the devices of your audience. With Beamium, you can further engage your listeners and track the success of your broadcast. Here is a quick instruction on how to broadcast documents with Beamium:

1. Create your document as usual

Before you broadcast your slideshow, you naturally need to create it. Simply use your regular software for creating the document (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Docs). After developing your document, it should be saved as a PDF to avoid layout or font issues.

2. Upload your final PDF

After finishing your presentation, you can simply upload the file on with one click. Make sure to register to benefit from the full feature set of Beamium. If you change your document afterwards, you can easily update the broadcast on with one click.

3. Share the access link with your audience

During the uploading process, you will receive an 8-digit presentation ID as well as an access link to your presentation link. Share either the ID code or the direct link to your presentation with your audience (e.g. via phone, email, social media). This link guarantees that your audience can easily access your presentation. Moreover, it prevents everybody else from accessing your document.

4. Broadcast your document live

The only thing you need to do for live-broadcasting the uploaded document is to start the presentation on Beamium. All viewers who joined the presentation via the shared access link will automatically be on the same slide as you are. Whenever you move one slide forward, your audience will be moved to the same slide as well.

5. Get real-time feedback

Every viewer has now the chance to give you direct feedback during your broadcast, to ask questions and to share his contact details with you. Use the real-time interactions to make your broadcast even more engaging.

6. No emails needed

After your presentation, your audience will be able to freely navigate through your presentation. Hence, there is no need to send email attachments. The digital handout of Beamium includes many advantages. First, it can be accessed again and again from any device. Second, your viewers can continue to give you feedback and get in touch. Third, you will be able to track the interactions and to gather leads with your Beamium broadcast. Finally, the document can easily be forwarded to reach a larger audience.

7. Analyze the success of each slide

You will find a unique report for every single presentation in your Beamium account. This report summarizes all interactions and helps you to benefit from your broadcast with the captured leads. The detailed analysis of every single slide makes it easy to work on your slide deck and improve the parts with the least interactions for the next time. Any more questions? We are happy to help you at!

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