Bring Everyone on the Same Slide at your Teleconference

Three tools for better teleconferences

Increasing mobility and advanced technology have allowed us to shift more and more business events to a digital rather than the physical space: not everyone needs to be on the same room anymore to communicate, and conferences can be held remotely using teleconferences. These new forms of communication have significantly improved the business process, and helped to make collaboration in teams, client presentations etc. much more flexible.

Common problems during teleconferences

In most cases, teleconferences are conducted in the following way: the presenter or conference leader distributes a PowerPoint presentation via email to other participants beforehand, and then starts the call. Everyone has the document and can join in at the right time. So far so good - but there are some problems that keep coming back:

  • Struggles with email-addresses, file size limitations and file readability when distributing the presentation
  • Technical difficulties with the connection, synchronization and signal during the call
  • Participants get confused which slide is currently being discussed
  • Valuable comments and proposed changes get forgotten

Three tools for better teleconferences

Screensharing Services

Sharing your screen with the teleconference participants will guarantee that everyone stays on the same page, increases participant focus on the topic and avoids interruptions caused by confusions about the current slide. This adds value to your presentation and makes your performance more smooth. There are various free and paid screensharing services you can try, such as Mikogo or Skype.


GoToMeetig is among the most popular online conferencing softwares on the market and convinces with a broad featureset and one-for-all solution. You can schedule and conduct meetings including video, audio, screensharing etc, all via the GoToMeeting platform. Currently, the pro version is priced $29 monthly, the most advanced version $49 per month.


In order to guarantee the best possible signal even at poor internet conditions, Beamium focuses on a visual solution that can be added to any audio conference. This tool synchronizes presenter slides to the personal devices of the audience in real time, and allows a few more extra features. No downloads are required, and the use is very intuitive: Fast upload, generation of a sharable code, access of viewers via code and the presentation is ready to go live! Try it ou on!

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