Achieving Better Telemarketing Results with Beamium

Adding visualization to telemarketing

Telemarketing is a great way of acquiring potential customers. Calling potential clients via phone instead of meeting them in person saves both parties a lot of time. Moreover, telemarketing is very effective and helps your company to improve brand awareness. Especially for B2B companies, telemarketing is a very useful way of getting in contact with potential customers.

Don’t waste your and your listener’s time

Telemarketing does not necessarily mean that you should cold-call thousand people. Rather than wasting your and the listener’s time, only the right people should be targeted via telephone. Make sure that you find out beforehand if the person you call really needs your product. In case that the person works in a business which is among your target customers and has decision making power, you should give it a try. Within the first seconds, you will find out if now is a good time for a conversation or if you should arrange a call for the next time. In case that the person one the other side of the phone has some time for more information, make sure to have your pitch ready.

Show your client an informative presentation

Talking about your business over phone has one very negative disadvantage: you cannot show any information. Many people need to get visual information for making a buying decision. With Beamium, it’s now possible to share presentations during telemarketing activities. How? Simply ask your prospective customer to go to and enter your presentation ID. Immediately, you will be able to present live on the devices of your audience. There are no installations needed, and no technical expertise is needed. During the presentation, your audience will always be on the same page as you. Moreover, your listener will be able to interact with you via Beamium. By asking questions or giving you feedback during and even after the presentation, you can deepen the relationship to your client.

Analytics & follow-up

After the first call, it is important to arrange follow-up calls with your clients. With Beamium, you will get information about the viewer’s interactions at any time. After your presentation, the prospective client can go again freely through the document and get in touch if there are any questions – at any time. You will see in your report which slide your clients liked most, where they asked a question or if they simply wanted to thank you for the information. By continuing to establish a relationship with your client, you make sure that there is a reason for follow-up calls. By using Beamium, you ensure that your clients do not forget about your presentation after the call and that they have enough chances to ask you afterwards if any questions remain.

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