Beamium, your Web Presentation Tool

Broadcast presentations online with one click

There are many tools on the market to create your presentations online. Holding web meetings and sharing documents over the internet are indispensable elements of our business life. But do you really need to adapt the whole process of creating a presentation just to hold it online? Is it really necessary to abandon your existing tools? Certainly not. Beamium makes it possible to broadcast presentations online after you created them as usual. Generate your documents as always, e.g. with Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote. After that, simply save them as a PDF and upload the presentation on with only one click. You will immediately receive a unique ID which you can share with everybody you like to invite to your online presentation.

No changes in the way you create your presentation

Based on the fact that Beamium is a cross-platform online presentation tool, various software can be used to create the document. This has many advantages to you as you do not have to change the process of creating documents. Changing to new platforms often includes a lot of time to adapt, costs money and includes incompatibilities with your previous formats. We save you this hectic pace and build on your existing solutions. Simply make your presentation as always with your favorite tool and upload it on Beamium afterwards.

Beamium is web-based, no software is needed

One of the greatest advantages of Beamium is its simplicity. Everything you need to use Beamium is a simple web browser. No software, add-ons, installations or other tools are needed. Everything can be done online on This simplicity has many advantages for you, but even more advantages for your viewers. No matter which tools or software your viewers are used to and no matter if your viewers want to join via notebook, tablet or smartphone – Beamium works on all devices without any installations. The easiness of use of Beamium is not only beneficial to your efficiency, it also increases the accessibility and therefore enhances the presentation experience for your viewers.

Present from anywhere through your browser

Once uploaded, you can present the document again as often as you want to from any browser in the world. The document stays saved in your personal account and can be presented from any notebook, smartphone or tablet again. Of course, you can delete the document at any time from our platform if you wish so. As a live web presentation tool for all kind of slideshows, Beamium perfectly fits into your IT environment and simplifies the whole web presentation experience for everybody.

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