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We help you to track the success of your slides

What do you know about your presentation after the end of your talk? And how much information do you receive if you share your slides via email attachments? Mostly, you don’t have any information about what is happening after you finished your talk or shared your slides. You don’t know how often the slides have been viewed, you don’t know if the audience liked the presentation and you have no chance to find out if there are valuable leads waiting for your message. Beamium makes it now possible to analyze the success of your presentation!

Smart analytics for slideshows

Everybody knows Google Analytics – a great tool for analyzing website interactions. Beamium makes it now possible to analyze the success of your presentation in a similar way. By sharing documents via Beamium, you can easily track the viewers’ interactions afterwards. Simply upload your slides on and share the presentation-URL with your audience. Beamium offers you great analytics which help you to analyze your presentations. With Beamium, you are able to see how often the slide deck was viewed, how many people downloaded the presentation, who downloaded the presentation, which slide got the best feedback and much more! Instead of not knowing anything about the interactions of your viewers, Beamium reveals the secrets and helps you to understand your audience.

Useful for sharing slides and live presentations

No matter if your present live or if you simply want to share your slides (e.g. via email or social media), Beamium offers its great analytics at any time. Immediately after sharing the presentation with Beamium, you can start to track the interactions on the slides. You will instantly see if somebody accesses the slides, if you get feedback on a slide or if somebody downloaded the document and shared his contact details with you. The great analytics of Beamium help you to see which slides performed best and which slides nobody found interesting. Moreover, you can also compare the success of several presentations.

More information, more interactions, more leads

Of course, Beamium helps you to gain much more information about how the viewers like your presentation. On top of that, Beamium further helps you to encourage your audience – during AND after the presentation. By sharing documents via Beamium, you do not only get valuable insights – you further get more messages as well. Your viewers can easily give you feedback, ask questions and share contact details at any time with you. You can then respond to the interactions immediately during the presentation or afterwards via email. There are no installations or downloads needed, it is super user friendly and maximizes your success. Try it yourself and analyze your slides as never before!

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