Share your Slideshows Online in Real-Time

Your audience`s favorite slides on their end devices

There it goes again, a flash from a smartphone camera made you lose your train of thoughts. A common situation when presenting before an audience that doesn’t have access to your slides. Of course, the pictures are a good signal, people are enjoying your presentation so much that they want to take the slides back home. Should you have provided them with some handouts before the presentation? Certainly not, that wouldn’t be time nor cost effective, wouldn’t help the environment very much and would mean a bulky paper handout on the bag of your viewers that will probably get forgotten on a trash can or on the exact seat where you had placed it. Is there another solution?

Beamium presents live on the end devices of your audience

With the online tool Beamium you can easily provide your audience with the desired slides. Save them from the inconveniences of taking pictures or asking you for slides after the presentation and forget those annoying paper handouts. It just takes three simple steps: go to, upload your presentation and share the 8-digit code or link with your audience. That`s it. Your viewers will be able to follow the presentation live on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Since Beamium is web-based, you won’t have to worry about installations or compatibility issues. Moreover, your audience will be synched automatically to your current slide, so that they don’t miss any detail, regardless of the seat they got on the auditorium.

Is this complicated for the presenter

Not at all! If you are not very tech savvy and are worrying about possible complications, worry no more, for there are none. You just need to upload your presentation on the Beamium homepage and share the ID or link with your audience. Afterwards you just have to present slide by slide and Beamium will automatically sync every slide on your viewer`s devices. No need to install any software, print any paper handouts, get used to complicated event portals or lose time sending hundreds of emails. Furthermore, you can create an account on Beamium with your email so that you can store and manage your presentations online from anywhere and any device. A simple solution for all your presentations that allows you to concentrate in delivering the best content to your audience.

Happy viewers are key to a successful presentation

When presenting with Beamium you not only appear as an innovative presenter before your audience, you also solve many of their key inconveniences. Thanks to Beamium audience members can clearly view the presented slides on their end devices, even while sitting on the corner of the last row. Moreover, Beamium allows a presenter to enable downloads so that interested spectators can save the presentation and read it carefully back at home. Since the synchronization takes place automatically, the audience will never lose track of the presentation. Viewers can also focus on the presenter and just take a look to their devices when a specific topic or slide of their interest is being discussed. In this way, the message is transmitted clearly to the audience and no information is lost.

The deadline for your next presentation is coming close and you still don’t know how to share your information with your audience in an optimal way? Don’t worry, concentrate on your content, upload the final file to Beamium before the presentation and let your viewers enjoy all its advantages!

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Author: beamium