Beamium proudly presents its first collaboration with the Stanford Law School

An interview with Philip Franta

Beamium is not only being used at businesses, but also at universities worldwide. Therefore, there are more and more universities becoming aware of the benefits that Beamium offers, such as fast and simple file sharing.

Beamium is happy to announce that now the tool is well established at the Stanford Law School. After Beamium and its functions were named in the school’s blog in July 2016, Beamium and its background have been officially introduced in form of a detailed interview with the CEO, Philip Franta, by the Stanford Law School in the Startup Snapshot.

Enjoy a brief summary of the interview and learn more about Philip Franta and his personal background and how his character influences the Startup Beamium:

Philip Franta, the Austrian Chief Executive Office at Slideflight and founder of Beamium, is 25 years old. In 2015, he finished his Master of Science in Economics and Business and his Master of Laws at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Although Philip Franta is an expert in the theories of law, he does not plan to become a lawyer as he’s quite happy as an entrepreneur. Before Philip Franta started working with Beamium, he completed jobs at i.e. HomeToGo in the field of Business Development and he managed Financial Controlling at Deutsche Telekom. He has even already been working with start-ups during his studies before, but Beamium is the first start-up he has co-founded.

If you have ever wondered why this young company is named Beamium, you’ll get the answer in the interview as well. “Beamium is a mixture of the terms “beam” (because we beam documents) and “premium” (because we want to make our customers happy with a premium service for everybody).”, explains Philip Franta.

The CEO does not only introduce his start-up company during the interview, but he also explains the benefits that Beamium offers, such as presenting, sharing and discussing documents online fast and easily. Furthermore, he points out that Beamium offers a solution for everyone, who is connected to the internet, without any software or installation in a safe way.

According to Philip Franta, is growing further. At the moment, you don’t have to pay in order to experience the tool, but there are plans to offer rates in September 2016. However, it is mentioned that Beamium doesn’t have any patents and it’s not planned to get one at the moment.

Due to Philip Franta, his start-up received a seed funding from Senovo early this year. Being honest, he explains further that reaching users worldwide, when you don’t have that many resources to rely on, is a big challenge for the Beamium team. He also admits that he has earned some entrepreneurial skills since he started working with Beamium. Therefore, his tip for other entrepreneurs is to ask people for detailed feedback and reflect. So don’t give up - even Philip Franta, the ambitious young entrepreneur, is afraid of not being able to pursue his dreams, but he continues.

In the last part of the interview some personal interests of the CEO are mentioned. He likes to listen to the music of Pink, his favourite food is Kaiserschmarrn, a famous Austrian food desert… Check out the whole interview and get to know Philip Franta!

Compiled by Monica Bay, CodeX Fellow

Bay, M. (11. August 2016). Stanford Law School. Startup Snapshot:

Author: beamium