Beamium on Its Way to Revolutionize Online Presentations

It’s time for an innovative, engaging and helpful presentation tool

Presentations are part of our daily life. We present in business meetings, in front of classes, during events and even in our private life. The more often we present, the better we become. We are not that nervous anymore, our slides can easier be understood and the story we tell suddenly fascinates everybody. There are various tools which can be used for creating slides and all of them have pros and cons. Since a couple of years, remote presentations offer new possibilities to reach a wider audience, save costs and have positive impacts on the environment. However, there are many moments during a presentation where we feel that not everything is yet optimal. And even after the presentation, there should be some tools to stay in contact with the audience.

Beamium on its way to engage your audience

We at Beamium have the vision to simplify your presentation life and to support you during and after your presentation. Beamium is not only an online tool, it is a presentation experience which goes along with you through your presentation. During the presentation, you should not have to deal with technical problems. That is why we made Beamium super user friendly. You should focus on your presentation, and we focus on delivering the information to your audience. Our tool directly transmits the slides to the devices of your audience. We help you to engage your viewers and avoid at the same time smartphone distractions. But this is just the beginning. Very soon, your viewers can give you feedback and get in contact with you as well. No matter if there are questions during the presentation, if somebody wants to congratulate you for your awesome presentation or if somebody wants to receive more details about a certain slide afterwards – all these interactions can easily be transferred through Beamium in future.

We help you to get in touch with your listeners

It is often challenging at events, to get to know your audience. There is a huge, unknown crowd sitting in front of you and nobody has a name badge. Is there a way to generate leads? Yes, there is, and we will soon reveal an optional feature for generating leads. With this little help, we make it easier for you to get in touch with your audience and build a bridge between the presenter and the unknown audience.

Your presentation was great, the next one will be awesome

There is always room for improvement. During your presentation, you have no time to analyze the success of every single slide. Afterwards, you are happy that everything worked out well and there is no time to get feedback from your audience. Don’t worry, we will also help you to analyze your presentation success and to add even more value to your next slide deck!

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