Beamium launches new lead acceleration tool for marketers

Turn your presentations into lead machines

Capturing high-quality leads is one of the main challenges marketers face in 2017. Inbound marketing's popularity has skyrocketed, but many companies fail to turn traffic and social media followers into customers. While every marketer has the ambition to generate sales-ready leads, most inbound leads are often not mature enough for sales. Today, the Munich based sales presentation startup Beamium released a new lead acceleration tool for inbound marketers.

Lead generation with presentations

Marketing presentations are one of the key elements to educate prospective customers. In contrast to blogs and other website content, viewers can be guided through a structured sales pitch and the company story becomes clearer during the visual slideshow. Even though presentations and marketing go hand in hand, up to now it has been impossible to turn presentation viewers into leads. Many well-established players in the market failed to tackle this problem. SlideShare recently announced to stop its lead feature. Now, the ambitious team of Beamium challenges the big players by introducing a ground-breaking lead solution.

Beamium – effective document sharing in lead processes

Beamium is a straightforward platform to share documents online more effectively. Simply drag or drop your presentation as a PDF on and share the access link via email, social media or verbally with your audience. Presentations can furthermore be embedded in websites and blogs. Additionally, a live-presentation feature enables presentations from browser to browser to make sales calls more effective. Interactive features and engagement insights enhance the effectiveness of slides. The lead feature brings the product’s possibilities to a totally new level. You can decide if the presentation viewers must share their contacts before downloading the document or in the middle of the presentation – to unlock the full slideshow. But how can you know if the contact details are genuine? After entering the contact information, the access link to the full presentation gets automatically sent to the prospect to ensure authenticity. Hence, only verified leads will come to the next stage of your lead funnel. By sharing presentations e.g. on social media or via email, your followers can be turned into high-quality leads. But there is even more to the tool.

After embedding Beamium presentations in your website or blog, all the website visitors can easily be turned into sales-ready leads as well. In contrast to the old-fashioned lead forms which you normally find on websites, Beamium first educates the visitors and makes sure that only really interested prospects get to the lead stage.

A new era of inbound marketing

Of course, the team behind Beamium wants more. The software includes sophisticated customer insights which will be further extended this year. “After the hype of sales acceleration tools, it is now time to empower marketing teams.” says the startups founder and CEO Philip Franta. “We believe in modern marketers which closely work together with sales representatives. In the near-future, our company will release further features to strengthen the collaboration of sales and marketing teams in lead processes. Leads captured with Beamium will be automatically qualified with smart analytics so that only sales-ready prospects get handed over to sales representatives. By using Beamium in marketing and sales, companies enhance lead nurturing processes and benefit from more customer insights.”

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