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Beamium, previously called Slideflight, has become more and more popular since its foundation in November 2015. More than 160 article in the national and international press have been the reason for this increasing popularity. Furthermore, Beamium user documented the advantages the tool offers: more than 2,500 monthly users use the tool currently.

We are happy to proudly present some of these articles:, an article by Anna Ge, 30th June 2016

The Austrian online magazine published an interview with Michael Steinberg, who is part of Slideflight, explaining the function of the tool, which is all about sharing PowerPoint presentations with your audience in real time on the viewer’s own devices. In addition to this, Michael Steinberg mentions the Beamium tool which is similar to Slideflight and allows to share documents quickly and easily.

Talking about the background of the start-up company, Senovo GmbH is mentioned as the company that invented the tool and therefore provided Slideflight with financial support.

Furthermore, Michael Steinberg briefly talks about Slideflight’s plans for the future. Believing in his tool he states the start-up’s plan to make presentation sharing as easy as possible for businesses and universities world-wide.

Indezine, a blogpost by Geetesh, 16th February 2016

Apart from Michael Steinberg, Georg Kremer, the CSO of Slideflight, had the chance to inform about the tool in the media: An interview with Georg Kremer was published online in which he explains the function of Slideflight and makes clear what sets Slideflight apart from its competitors: “Various other tools are tricky and complicated to use, whereas with Slideflight you don't even need basic instructions”. Furthermore, the CSO describes Slideflight not only as a tool which is easy to use, but also as a tool that allows sharing your presentations internationally: “It can be followed all around the world.”

VIDERIBLOG, 29th January 2016

Not only the Slideflight tool itself causes the media’s attention, but also Slideflight’s innovative design regarding its online presence. This article is about the new website.

Wirschaftswoche Gründer, an article by Lisa Hegemann, 27th January 2016

WiWo Gründer, an online service for start-ups, published an article about Slideflight’s background. The company Senovo GmbH figured out that many viewers, who are following PowerPoint presentations, are missing digital handouts and therefore use their smartphones to take pictures of the slides. Senovo GmbH invented the Slideflight Add-In as a solution to this problem. This idea turned into a start-up company, and so turned Senovo GmbH into an investor to support Slideflight in terms of Sales and Marketing.

e-Commerce News Magazine, 27th January 2016

In January 2016, the e-Commerce News Magazine wrote an article about Slideflight, talking about its background and the cooperation with Senovo GmbH. Additionally, its function and how the tool is being used is explained. Above all, this article includes personal statements by the CSO Georg Kremer as well as Philip Franta, the COO of Slideflight., an article by Salman Khan, 23th October 2015

In October 2015, Salman Khan wrote an informative article about the PowerPoint Add-In Slideflight. The author gives an overview about the function of the tool and states that a code is needed in order to have access to the presentation that is shared with the audience by the speaker himself. Moreover, he points out that slides can be marked as private or public before sharing, which underlines the aspect of safety. In this article Salman Khan does not only provide the reader with facts about Slideflight, but he also demonstrates the use of Slideflight by adding screenshots to his explanations. Lastly the author gives a final verdict: “SlideFlight is an amazing PowerPoint add-in to share slides and presentations”.

Slideflight is looking forward to more articles about its tool in the press.

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