The Future of Digital Communication

The turn of the century has been characterized by a growing trend towards digital communications.

The growth of information exchange in the last decades has been jaw dropping. A thousand years ago, Native Americans were sending smoke messages. Five hundred years ago, pigeons with letters were being sent in Europe. A century and a half ago the telephone was being invented. Finally, in the last 40 years, communications have been revolutionized: computers, internet, smartphones, video calls, now even famous politicians are appearing as live holograms in conferences. It is thrilling how the technological evolution of our current society opens space for more and more innovations in the field of communications. Nonetheless, there is always room for more. Beamium, the newest member of the digital interaction family, is looking to revolutionize the communication between transmitters and receivers on the field of presentations.

Innovative communication tools are the future

Information diffusion is key now at days. Innovation is driven by the exchange of ideas. Therefore, there is a constant requirement for useful applications that allow a crystalline message dissemination. Tools such as Beamium innovate fields where the technological development has stagnated for a long while. Thanks to this platform, the form in which presentations are held, will be significantly improved. The online tool permits presenters to share their slides on the smartphones, tablets or computers of the audience, which can therefore consist of the public physically present, or of followers all over the world with an internet connection. All the viewers need is the 8-digit ID shared by the presenter and instantly the will be able to join the presentation. This form of additional visual support will permit orators to provide more concise messages and will transform the local presentations into global events. Reaching more minds implicitly means a wider dissemination of ideas, which conveys more feedback and reactions.

Digitalization goes hand in hand with sustainability

Two characteristics of the digital revolution are simplicity and sustainability. One of the goals of innovation is to reduce the complexity of processes, so that time investment can be better managed. Furthermore, the era of informatics is also characterized for a green technological approach, where environmental consciousness plays an increasing important role. Innumerable technologies exist now at days, which have substituted the use of paper and many more are expected to come. Beamium incorporates both aspects. The user interface is as straightforward as possible and the sustainable effect it generates is considerably high. A tool that perfectly fits into the present course of digital innovations. Image Source: ©

Author: beamium