Beamium: Presentations For A Good Cause

Enabling education for everybody by sharing information worldwide without costs in real-time. This dream can become true for universities and non-profit-organizations. Beamium shows you how.

Rarely was the world so engaged for a good cause – currently, the willingness to donate is high and the will to achieve something good, too. One of the main concerns is the easy access to education and the possibility to rapidly and simply exchange information. Exactly here starts Beamium as a hands-on tool for supporting this good cause.

Education is one of the highest goods of humanity and the key to personal progress, self-realization and success. Only those people who have access to education, have the chance to advance in life. Nevertheless, a solid education is still a privilege. Often there are financial or site-dependent factors which prevent the training – but there are positive developments. More and more national and international universities offer free access to their courses.

Just as important as education is a good and reliable information flow, thorough exchange and an effective communication – especially with regard to charities and aid organizations. Since many of them often work on a donation basis, it is important to market their own content sustainably and cost-effectively and to spread it to their audience. In this case, presentations are the most important medium. NGOs target a large audience hoping to spread the information and to address potential supporters.

Beamium is a useful tool that non-profit organizations as well as universities and remote universities can easily use. The web-based presentation solution is easy to use and to integrate into the workflow. The online tool makes it possible to perform presentations in a sustainable manner wihtout any installations: Through an 8-digit ID, created by Beamium, every listener can follow the presentation on their own smartphone, tablet or laptop in parallel to the presentation. In retrospect, the listeners can always see the slides with their personal device and even export individual slides for annotation purposes.

The greatest advantage of Beamium: it works anywhere. This means that listeners do not have to follow the presentation on site, they can listen all over the world without any problems. With Beamium, information as well as education can become global and widely disseminated – only one mobile device and an internet connection are required.

For example, professors from around the country can give lectures which can be followed from anywhere, hence, with more listeners and students. Even those that cannot be present to the local learning sites for a variety of reasons can now access the study materials and can benefit from the training. The same applies to non-profit organizations, NGOs and volunteering teams: ideas, programs, and calls can be spread much faster and wider with Beamium. In addition, the make a lasting impression. Another advantage: Beamium will remain free of charge for non-profit organizations and has the potential to improve the communication and exchange of the information. Information is the key to education and progress. The free and lasting Beamium software supports universities and non-profit organization regardless of their location with an easy and ubiquitous way of sharing presentations.

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Author: beamium