Beamium at the Change Congress 2015

New Demands on Information Management

For two days, around 300 high-ranking representatives from well-known organisations met in Düsseldorf for the Change Congress to deal with the topic ‘Lost in Change? Effective Change-strategies in a Dynamic World’. The Change Congress, organised by the Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH, consisted of various lectures, workshops, and discussions concerning future strategies and success factors for Change Management as a decisive competitive factor in business. We were there as an exhibitor to show how our presentation software can contribute to this change.

New Demands on Information Management

The attendants of lectures and workshops at the Change Congress had the opportunity to learn about our solution and to try out the presentation tool at our stand. Beamium primarily serves the current demand to provide information immediately and digitally to all those concerned, as with our solution content is published and shared in real-time. Increasingly organisations are paying ever more attention to the sustainability of their actions. Our innovative concept seizes upon the ‘Green IT’ trend as it does away with the need the paper handouts. The result is that Slideflight reduces the consumption of energy and resources and is therefore also cost-effective.

Change Congress Attendants see the potential of Beamium

We asked visitors to the Change Congress for their honest feedback and suggestions on what improvements we could make. The participants of the Change Congress were very interested in our innovation and recognised the advantages and potential of the digital solution for sharing information. The found our presentation software to be a useful tool that supports the transition towards more digitisation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in business. They were particularly impressed by the simplicity and straightforward operation of our software.

Promising Network from the Change Congress

Ms Tas, Head of Events at Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH and member of the Organising Committee for the Change Congress was equally impressed: ‘This is an innovative concept that fulfils the current demands of the digital transformation, as it enables a global, synchronous transfer of knowledge in real-time.’ The organisers of the Change Congress also conducted an interview with Georg Kremer, Head of Sales at Beamium. It addresses how the tool can be particularly useful for organisations in transition. If this is a relevant issue for you, the interview will definitely be of interest to you. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Here you can watch the video of the interview!

Author: beamium