Beamium – An Innovative Education Technology to Engage Students

The minutes go by. It soon will be 10 o´clock. You are about to give one of the most important presentation of the semester and you are wondering: what if the message doesn’t get through?

What if the audience does not understand what I am trying to communicate? 10 o´clock, the presentation starts. The acoustic in the room is deplorable. Some member of the public are sitting so far away, you cannot even recognize their faces, no chance to engage them anyhow. The viewers from the last rows start to get up and leave. Far from a memorable presentation, a complete nightmare. However, there is a solution, a simple tool called Beamium.

Share your slides innovatively with your students

Sharing your presentations with your students cannot be simpler than with Beamium, the ideal tool to disseminate your message through your public. The online platform allows you to easily upload PDF presentations and then share them with your desired viewers by providing them with an 8-digit presentation ID. In less than a minute, you are ready to present to audiences close and far. As long as the members of your audience have an internet connection, they will be able to access your presentation instantly. A perfect way of giving memorable presentations, transmitting a clear message to your recipients and creating a long-lasting impression. Furthermore, there is no need to print out any handouts or documents, an environment friendly tool that supports the sustainable dissemination of information. Immediately the pedagogical advantages of such a platform can be recognized. Lectures at school or at university are demanding , where the different participants get constantly bombarded with information. Therefore, giving a memorable speech if often complicated.

Moreover, the different halls and seminar rooms are usually fairly overcrowded, which complicates the process of communication. Beamium as an innovative education tool solves this by permitting the speakers to share their presentations with the diverse audience members, which can then follow the presentations more clearly from their devices and even have the option to save the presentation afterwards to analyze it more carefully after the hectic class. This also saves the presenters the need to print hundreds of informational flyers or prepare complicated mailing lists. It is a win-win situation and helps you to engage your students.

Reach your students with an innovative concept

In a society that is growing ever more environmentally conscious, the use of printed handouts in most universities is still a rudimentary tradition. Books are being replaced by kindles, newspapers are now mostly read online and letters have turned into emails. It is the turn of universities to join the sustainable movement and tools such as Beamium are the key to this door of interactive presentations. With Beamium professors no longer need to order expensive handouts, they can share their lecture material directly with their students and engage them by making their speech touchable. Moreover, the students can then download the presentations and use them as learning material for the exams.

In this case, the presentation can be accessed from every smartphone, tablet or notebook which means that the students have the chance to access presentations at any time and from any place. This also eliminates the need for complex, old-fashioned online platforms where lecture materials are uploaded and students have to memorize tens of passwords and portals in order to keep track of all the documents. Furthermore, in the era of long distance universities, physical presence in many lectures is becoming obsolete. With Beamium students that could not make the lecture, either because of a family trip or a long visit to a Biergarten, can always follow the lecture from the commodity of their dorms or hotel rooms. Practical isn’t it?

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