Giving Powerful Business Presentations

Beamium, the best tool for perfect business pitches

Imagine an important business presentation with managers from different countries. Sending the slides of the presentation beforehand via email would obliterate the element of surprise and the resulting impression. So you decide to choose a screen sharing tool. During the actual pitch the screen sharing function is not working. The video keeps getting cut and the managers are having serious difficulties digesting the message. An atmosphere of impatience and tension can be felt. There must be another way of clearly communicating your message. If only a couple of days ago you had known of the powerful tool Beamium.

Make your business meetings exciting

Beamium is the ideal tool to disseminate your message through an audience. An easy way of sharing presentations with your viewers in real-time. The online platform can be used to upload and share documents with the different participants of presentations. To share the documents, only an 8-digit ID or a link is required for the participants to join your presentation. In this manner, the presentation can be followed from all corners of the globe, where there is an internet connection. No handouts, documents or flyers are required. A classy solution to give killer presentations that leave their mark in the audience’s memories and a perfect addition to the way through which business is done nowadays.

Business presentations in a globalized world

Beamium comes into play as part of the ever growing digital globalization. Every day it is more and more common to substitute business meetings for short or long distance telephone or video conferences. The beginning of this millennium can be characterized by the rapid internationalization of firms. Now not only multinational companies have to communicate between personnel around all over the world, even the small start-ups have these requirements. The problem of telephone conferences is that the visual support of the message is missing, which makes it much more difficult to transmit the information. Video conferences, on the other hand, rely on transmissions that often get cut or on screen sharing solutions that rarely work as expected. Therefore, the simple and practical solution Beamium will provide the different business partners with the channel they need to properly depict their different agendas and support your conference calls. There is not even the need to explain the application to the audience, the platform is so simple, it is self-explanatory.

Powerful messages with tangible information

Moreover, in case of a business pitch or a report, it is very important to present a clear message, with tangible information and concrete data. Using Beamium permits the transmission of key information to the desired investors and partners and leaves an impression of confidence and innovation friendliness. The different managers and associates also have the possibility to analyze the data afterwards and acquire a clearer picture of the scenario presented. In case that important partners could not make the meeting or find themselves in diverse business journeys, they can always take part in the pitch. Beamium makes business straightforward, uncomplicated and flexible.

Author: beamium