8 Tips for your White Paper

The dos and don’ts for creating white paper documents

White papers are awesome marketing instruments which help you to get highly qualified leads. By describing solutions for common problems of prospective customers, the white paper shows the client how your company can help to handle them. The better your white paper is, the better will the leads be which you generate.

1. Catchy introductory slide

The first thing your prospective customers look at is the title of the white paper as well as the first slide. Make sure that the title bonds your visitors so that they want to have a look on the next slides. The layout of the first slide is important as well. It should be appealing with an exciting subtitle and your company’s logo.

2. Start with an overview on page two

Before going into the problem, your white paper should briefly summarize the whole presentation. What is it about? Which points do you touch and why should your visitors continue to read? Show your viewers what’s in for them by highlighting the many advantages your white paper offers.

3. Describe the problem

By the describing the problem on the third slide, you demonstrate the customer that you understand his pain points. This is the place where you can show how much industry experience you have and how targeted your white paper is.

4. Splitting the solution

Naturally, after describing the problem you must continue with the solution which you suggest. Combine the general solution of the problem with your company’s offer so that your customer understands immediately why he has to buy your product (and not the product of a competitor which solves the problem as well). But be careful at this point. If you now unveil the whole solution of the problem, there is not much left that you can offer. Before showing more details about the solution, it is time to consider tip number 5.

5. Catch leads at the right time

The ultimate goal of white paper marketing is to capture leads at the right time. You should not ask your visitors at the very beginning for their contacts. On the one hand, many of them will not be ready to share contacts before having a first look on the white paper. On the other hand, you will receive many email addresses of people who churn the presentation after the second slide because they expected something differently. Hence, the perfect time to catch leads is after the third or fourth slide, when the prospective client has shown his interest and is ready to share his contacts for more information.

6. Offer valuable conclusions in the end

After sharing the contacts, your customers should be able to see the rest of the document. Don’t disappoint them now. They just got in touch with you and shared their information. Highlight now why it was worth to do so. The second part of your problem solution shall be deeper than the first abstract. Moreover, you should integrate some tips which they viewer remembers afterwards.

7. A white paper is no sales pitch

Even though white papers are great tools to generate high-quality leads, they should not be seen as pure sales pitches. The product’s pricing is one of the elements which a white paper should not contain. Rather than selling your product, you should really highlight that you offer a solution to the problem and explain why this problem is worth being solved. A fine balance is necessary to underline the problem solution with your business pitch. Be aware that the objective of white paper marketing is to get leads, not to close the deal. It is your job afterwards to follow-up with these leads personally.

8. Improve your white paper regularly

After drafting your white paper and sharing it with several followers, it is time to analyze and improve the white paper. White papers can easily be shared through Beamium. Simply upload your presentation on beamium.com and share or embed the link on your website, blog, social media channels and via email. The more channels you use, the more potential leads you will touch. Another great advantage of sharing white papers with Beamium is the interactive feature set which enables your viewers to directly contact you for questions, follow-ups and feedback. By analyzing the white paper in your personal Beamium account, you will find out how many people looked on the first slide, how many people entered their emails and how many people made it until the end of the white paper. Knowing that helps you to improve the white paper precisely which guarantees even more success in the future.

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Author: beamium